The 2015 Spinner Dinner

with keynote Speaker
Lester Earnest
The Executive Directory at the first
Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

This page links to records from the Spinner Dinner organized by Lester Earnest. The dinner was a Chinese banquet at Chef Chu's Restaurant, attended by 123 computer science people on Tuesday 28 April 2015, one day after the celebration for the 50th anniversary of the Stanford Computer Science Department so many SAIL related people were in town and able to attend.

Audio with transcripts* of the seven speakers

SpeakerPlay audio Show text
Les Earnest Spinoffs
Ed Fiegenbaum Tribute
Ed Fredkin X-ings
Pentti Kanerva Suppes
David Luckham Ali Story
Bob Smith IMSSS
Bernard Mont-Reynaud e-Music

* Apologia: The last five transcripts are incomplete and/or a brief synopsis of the audio content. BgBaumgart - 2016.

Pictures and names of the attendees

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