SAIL Walkabout 21 November 2009

Photo identification puzzle page. Scroll down to see alternate views. Signup sheet of names is at bottom of this page. Please EMAIL identifications and/or corrections to BgBaumgart at mac dot com.

W1 ??? X1 ??? Y1 ??? Z1 ROZ = Martin Morf
W2 DLO = David Lowe X2 ??? Y2 JH = Jim Hieronymous ? Z2 BMR = Bernard Mont-Reynaud
W3 ??? X3 WP = Wolfgang Polak Y3 ??? Z3 CGN = Greg Nelson
W4 PAM#2 = Ann Martin ??? X4 ??? Y4 (blue checkered shirt)??? Z4 JOE = Joe Zingheim
  X5 TTP = Tom Pressburger Y5 ???  

group posing during camera swaps

photo sequence

The following group pictures were taken a few minutes apart. I took the first one, but received the second one from