Reunion 22 Nov 2009
Awards Ceremony and Gold Medal Talks

John McCarthy Awards for Research Excellence
at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Sebastian Thrun — opening keynote — Welcome to the new A. I. Lab
Lester Earnest — closing keynote — Visible Legacies for Y3K

This page links to video recordings from the Sunday 22 November 2009 Awards Ceremony organized by Raj Reddy and Lester Earnest. Each gold medalist was asked to speak for five minutes and to provide Les Earnest with Power Point slides.

Stanley + Welcome to the new A. I. Lab
Awards to seven New-SAIL people
Mike MontemerloLeadership for DARPA Grand Challenge ▶04:55
Hendrik DahlkamSelf-Learning DARPA Grand Challenge ▶03:29
David StavensVision for DARPA Grand Challenge ▶03:29
Pieter AbbeelAutonomous Helicopter ▶04:50
Adam CoatesAutonomous Helicopter ▶06:01
Ken SalisburyRobotic Hand ▶06:32
Dan KleinProbabilistic Language Parsing ▶08:17
Raj Reddy Awards to fourteen Old-SAIL people ▶08:02
Why SAIL and not something else.
Remarks on PUB vs TeX.
Bruce BaumgartSAILDART Archive ▶07:36
Bruce BuchananExpert Systems ▶07:42
John ChowningComputer Music Systems ▶10:13
Whit DiffiePublic Key Cryptography ▶10:48
Les EarnestFINGER — Internet Social Media ▶02:47
Ralph GorinSpell Checker ▶03:41
Anthony HearnStandard LISP ▶04:41
Victor ScheinmanRobotic Arms ▶15:20
Dan SwinehartSAIL Programming Language ▶06:24
Larry TeslerPUB — document compiler ▶04:28
Martin FrostInternet NS — News Service ▶11:18
Phil PetitSUDS — electronic design system ▶03:17
Steve RussellSPACEWAR — computer game ▶02:01
Lynn QuamMars Image Processing / Cart Project ▶03:36
Visible Legacies for Y3K
a call for sustainable SAIL archiving
to the year Y3K and beyond.

updated July 2017