1966-09-01AIM-043D. Raj. ReddyAn Approach to Computer Speech Recognition by Direct Analysis of the Speech WaveThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordSeptember 1966
1966-09-01AIM-046S. PerssonSome Sequence Extrapolating Programs: a Study of Representation and Modeling in Inquiring SystemsThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceBerkeleySeptember 1966
1966-12-01AIM-047Bruce BuchananLogics of Scientific DiscoveryThesis: Ph.D. in PhilosophyBerkeleyDecember 1966
1967-03-01AIM-044James PainterSemantic Correctness of a Compiler for an Algol-like LanguageThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordMarch 1967
1967-08-01AIM-056William WichmanUse of Optical Feedback in the Computer Control of an ArmThesis: Eng. in Electrical EngineeringStanfordAugust 1967
1967-12-01AIM-058Monte CalleroAn Adaptive Command and Control System Utilizing Heuristic Learning ProcessesThesis: Ph.D. in Operations ResearchStanfordDecember 1967
1968-07-01AIM-060Donald KaplanThe Formal Theoretic Analysis of Strong Equivalence for Elemental PropertiesThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordJuly 1968
1968-08-01AIM-065Barbara HubermanA Program to Play Chess End GamesThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordAugust 1968
1968-10-01AIM-072Donald PieperThe Kinematics of Manipulators under Computer ControlThesis: Ph.D. in Mechanical EngineeringStanfordOctober 1968
1968-12-01AIM-074Donald WatermanMachine Learning of HeuristicsThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordDecember 1968
1969-03-01AIM-083ROG_72Roger SchankA Conceptual Dependency Representation for a Computer Oriented SemanticsThesis: Ph.D. in LinguisticsTexasMarch 1969
1969-03-01AIM-085Pierre VicensAspects of Speech Recognition by ComputerThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordMarch 1969
1969-06-01AIM-092VDS_72Victor D. ScheinmanDesign of Computer Controlled ManipulatorThesis: Eng. in Mechanical EngineeringStanfordJune 1969
1969-08-01AIM-096CCG_72Claude Cordell GreenThe Application of Theorem Proving to Question-answering SystemsThesis: Ph.D. in Electrical EngineeringStanfordAugust 1969
1969-08-01AIM-098James J. HorningA Study of Grammatical InferenceThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordAugust 1969
1969-12-01AIM-106Michael E. KahnThe Near-minimum-time Control of Open-loop Articulated Kinematic ChainsThesis: Ph.D. in Mechanical EngineeringStanfordDecember 1969
1970-05-01AIM-121SOB_75Irwin SobelCamera Models and Machine PerceptionThesis: Ph.D. in Electrical EngineeringStanfordMay 1970
1970-07-01AIM-130Michael D. KellyVisual Identification of People by ComputerThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordJuly 1970
1970-08-01AIM-132Gilbert FalkComputer Interpretation of Imperfect Line Data as a Three-dimensional SceneThesis: Ph.D. in Electrical EngineeringStanfordAugust 1970
1970-09-01AIM-134JMT_72Jay Martin TenenbaumAccommodation in Computer VisionThesis: Ph.D. in Electrical EngineeringStanfordSeptember 1970
1971-05-01AIM-144PDQ_72Lynn H. QuamComputer Comparison of PicturesThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordMay 1971
1971-08-01AIM-147Robert E. KlingReasoning by Analogy with Applications to Heuristic Problem Solving: a Case StudyThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordAugust 1971
1971-08-01AIM-149Rodney Albert Schmidt Jr.A Study of the Real-time Control of a Computer-driven VehicleThesis: Ph.D. in Electrical EngineeringStanfordAugust 1971
1971-12-01AIM-155Jonathan Leonard RyderHeuristic Analysis of Large Trees as Generated in the Game of GoThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordDecember 1971
1972-04-01AIM-163Jean M. CadiouRecursive Definitions of Partial Functions and their ComputationsThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordApril 1972
1972-05-01AIM-119Joseph BeckerAn Information-processing Model of Intermediate-Level CognitionThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordMay 1972
1972-08-01AIM-174RAM_79Francis Lockwood MorrisCorrectness of Translations of Programming Languages -- an Algebraic ApproachThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordAugust 1972
1972-10-01AIM-173GJA_73Gerald Jacob AginRepresentation and Description of Curved ObjectsThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordOctober 1972
1972-11-01AIM-177LOU_72Richard PaulModelling,Trajectory Calculation and Servoing of a Computer Controlled ArmThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordNovember 1972
1972-11-01AIM-178Aharon GillVisual Feedback and Related Problems in Computer Controlled Hand Eye CoordinationThesis: Ph.D. in Electrical EngineeringStanfordOctober 1972
1972-11-01AIM-180Ruzena BajcsyComputer Identification of Textured Visiual ScenesThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordOctober 1972
1973-03-01AIM-188AKC_72Ashok ChandraOn the Properties and Applications of Programming SchemasThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordMarch 1973
1973-05-01AIM-201GG1972Gunnar Rutger GrapeModel Based (Intermediate Level) Computer VisionThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordMay 1973
1973-07-01AIM-209YY_72Yoram YakimovskyScene Analysis Using a Semantic Base for Region GrowingThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordJuly 1973
1973-10-01AIM-218Jean E. VuilleminProof Techniques for Recursive ProgramsThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordOctober 1973
1974-01-01AIM-247NMG_72Neil GoldmanComputer Generation of Natural Language From a Deep Conceptual BaseThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordJanuary 1974
1974-05-01AIM-230DCS_72Daniel C. SwinehartCOPILOT: A Multiple Process Approach to Interactive Programming SystemsThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordMay 1974
1974-05-01AIM-231JEG_72James GipsShape Grammars and their UsesThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordMay 1974
1974-06-01AIM-233Charles J. Rieger IIIConceptual Memory: A Theory and Computer Program for Processing the Meaning Content of Natural Language UtterancesThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordJune 1974
1974-06-01AIM-238Christopher K. RiesbeckComputational Understanding: Analysis of Sentences and ContextThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordJune 1974
1974-07-01AIM-239MJH_72Marsha Jo HannahComputer Matching of Areas in Stereo ImagesThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordJuly 1974
1974-08-01AIM-242JRL_72James R. LowAutomatic Coding: Choice of Data StructuresThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordAugust 1974
1974-08-01AIM-245JRB_72Jack BuchananA Study in Automatic ProgrammingThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordMay 1974
1974-10-01AIM-249BGB_72Bruce BaumgartGeometric Modeling for Computer VisionThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordOctober 1974
1974-10-01AIM-250RKN_72Ramakant NevatiaStructured Descriptions of Complex Curved Objects for Recognition and Visual MemoryThesis: Ph.D. in Electrical EngineeringStanfordOctober 1974
1974-10-01AIM-251SHO_74Edward H. ShortliffeMYCIN: A Rule-Based Computer Program for Advising Physicians Regarding Antimicrobial Therapy SelectionThesis: Ph.D. in Medical Information SciencesStanfordOctober 1974
1975-01-01AIM-257MAL_72Malcolm C. NeweyFormal Semantics of LISP With Applications to Program CorrectnessThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordJanuary 1975
1975-05-01AIM-259HJS_72Hanan SametAutomatically Proving the Correctness of Translations Involving Optimized CodedThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordMay 1975
1975-06-01AIM-260DAV_72David Canfield SmithPYGMALION: A Creative Programming EnvironmentThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordJune 1975
1975-12-01AIM-272KIC_72Sundaram GanapathyReconstruction of Scenes Containing Polyhedra From Stereo Pair of ViewsThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordDecember 1975
1975-12-01AIM-273LGH_73Linda Gail HemphillA Conceptual Approach to Automated Language Understanding and Belief Structures: with Disambiguation of the Word %2For%*Thesis: Ph.D. in LinguisticsStanfordMay 1975
1976-02-01AIM-279SUZ_72Norihsa SuzukiAutomatic Verification of Programs with Complex Data StructuresThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordFebruary 1976
1976-07-01AIM-282RHT_72Russell TaylorSynthesis of Manipulator Control Programs From Task-Level SpecificationsThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordJuly 1976
1976-07-01AIM-283KRD_72Randall DavisApplications of Meta Level Knowledge to the Construction, Maintenance and Use of Large Knowledge BasesThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordJuly 1976
1976-08-01AIM-284RF1973Rafael FinkelConstructing and Debugging Manipulator ProgramsThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordAugust 1976
1976-08-01AIM-286DBL_72Douglas LenatAM: An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Discovery in Mathematics as Heuristic SearchThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordJuly 1976
1976-08-01AIM-287MDR_75Michael RoderickDiscrete Control of a Robot ArmThesis: Engineer in Electrical EngineeringStanfordAugust 1976
1976-12-01AIM-295RCB_72Robert C. BollesVerification Vision Within a Programmable Assembly SystemThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordDecember 1976
1976-12-01AIM-296RSC_72Robert CartwrightPractical Formal Semantic Definition and Verification SystemsThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordDecember 1976
1977-09-01AIM-304TJW_72Todd WagnerHardware VerificationThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordSeptember 1977
1977-09-01AIM-305BLF_72William FaughtMotivation and Intensionality in a Computer Simulation ModelThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordSeptember 1977
1977-12-01AIM-308DRB_73David BarstowAutomatic Construction of AlgorithmsThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordDecember 1977
1978-03-01AIM-313BES_74Bruce E. ShimanoThe Kinematic Design and Force Control of Computer Controlled ManipulatorsThesis: Ph.D. in Mechanical EngineeringStanfordMarch 1978
1978-06-01AIM-316JJ1973Jerrold M. GinspargNatural Language Processing in an Automatic Programming DomainThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordJune 1978
1979-04-01AIM-327REF_73Robert Elliot FilmanThe Interaction of Observation and InferenceThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordApril 1979
1979-06-01AIM-329David Edward WilkinsUsing Patterns and Plans to Solve Problems and Control SearchThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordJune 1979
1979-07-01AIM-331EK1974Elaine KantEfficiency Consideration in Program Synthesis: A Knowedge-Based ApproachThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordJuly 1979
1979-10-01AIM-333BPM_72Brian P. McCuneBuilding Program Models Incrementally from Informal DescriptionsThesis: Ph.D. in Computer ScienceStanfordOctober 1979