perm filename XGPTYP[3,2] blob sn#467379 filedate 1979-08-18 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
XGPTYP converts an XGP file into a straight text representation of
the various XGP commands.  Handy for debugging document compilers.
It prompts for a file name.  Output goes either to a destination file
or, if none is given, to your TTY.

(XGPTYP doesn't parse XGP spooler switches in the file, but simply treats
them as text.  This can cause XGPTYP output to seem slightly wrong when
there are font switches that specify partial font loading by including the
string of characters to be loaded.  Such a string is never actually
printed on the XGP and there may appear to be characters missing or
misrepresented in the XGPTYP output, since XGPTYP is assuming those
characters WILL be printed as plain text.)