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COMMENT ∞ Short Desription of Extended Functions for XAP.

These commands are preceded with '177 (or equivalent).  

The escape characters which print hidden characters on LPT will
output the same characters on the XGP if they are defined in the
character set currently being used.  The line spacing commands
for the LPT should also do the same on the XGP with the exception
of '177 '21 (line space over page boundary).

0-9			Select character set number specified by digit.
λ<file>→<digit>		Define character set number and load set into upper
<space><char.>		Takes octal value of character to be number of bits
			to move right.
<rubout><char.>		Takes octal value of character to be number of bits
			to move left.
MR<number>		Set Right margin to <number> (in  XGP co-ordinates).
ML<number>		Set Left margin to <number> (in XGP co-ordinates).
MB<number>		Set Bottom margin to <number> (in XGP co-ordinates).
MT<number>		Set Top margin to <number> (in XGP co-ordinates).
V<number><number>	Visible vector to <number>,<number> (in XGP points).
I<number><number>	Invisible vector to <number>,<number> (in XGP points).
P<number><number>	Point vector to <number>,<number> (in XGP points).
<altmode>		No-op (when placed in text, if not deleted explicitly
			protects a line from being changed by TV or E).
@<file><crlf>		Inserts file at this point in listing.
⊗<char><file><crlf>	Inserts III buffer at this point in file, relocated
			by current position and multiplied by char/64. When
			finished leaves cursor at same position.
<number>		Defined by two character.  Equal to:
			(CHAR1-'100)*'200+CHAR2. A SAIL procedure to generate
			a number would be:
			  RETURN(((X % 200)+'100) & (X LAND '177));

RPG Mode:
Start at starting address + 1 with:
4:7	Text file name↔ extesion↔ 0↔ ppn
10:13	Font file name↔ extesion↔ 0↔ ppn (must be completely specified)
14	Font number for font