perm filename WHOPHN[3,2]1 blob sn#526380 filedate 1980-07-31 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
     The WHOPHN program displays the status of all user jobs on
the Data Disc "available" channel.  The display is now in 3
columns, and includes for each job: the job number (Jb), the
queue (Q), the programmer name (User), the line number (TTY), job
name (Jobnam), and either the total job runtime or, if the job
has been idle for 5 minutes or more, the current job idle time in
minutes (Run/Id).

     The entry in the Q field is two characters, to indicate what
queue the job is in.  For the most part this field is the queue
the job is in, although it can also be the device the job is
waiting for.  The queues are:

Queue	Meaning
-----	-------
 ST	job is stopped, in monitor command mode, with core (see NU)
 CM	Monitor command swapin wait
 DC	Data control (DECtape or magtape) wait
 DI	Disk input wait
 DO	Disk output wait
 DL	Dialnet I/O wait
 DT	DECtape I/O wait
 DV	General in core I/O wait
 DW	Device available wait
 EL	ELF wait
 EI	ELF input wait
 EO	ELF output wait
 IM	IMP I/O wait
 IW	Interrupt wait
 IO	General I/O wait
 MT	Magtape wait
 MI	Magtape input wait
 MO	Magtape output wait
 NU	Job is stopped, no core assigned
 PI	Paper tape reader input wait
 PL	Plotter output wait
 PO	Paper tape punch output wait
 RU	Job is trying to run
 SE	Upper segment swapin wait
 TI	TTY input wait
 TO	TTY output wait
 TQ	High priority run queue
 TV	TV I/O wait
 VR	Varian I/O wait
 XG	XGP I/O wait

     After the queue field, there may optionally be a single
character indicating special job status:

Code	Meaning
----	-------
 *	Job is swapped out
 ⊗	Job is locked in core
 ∀	Job has a spacewar module

     For ARPANET server jobs, the User name and TTY line number
are replaced with a 6 character abbreviation of the foreign host