perm filename WHO[3,2]2 blob sn#102415 filedate 1974-05-17 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
The WHO command runs a program which will display information
about the status of all jobs currently on the system.  If you
are at a display terminal, the information will be updated as
long as you keep running the program; at a Teletype or over a
network connection the information is typed once only.  The
main information provided is in the first part of the display,
a list of all jobs on the system.  The most important parts of
this list are the job number (JOB), the running status of the
job (QUEUE, i.e., RUNQ if runnable, IOWQ if waiting for input
or output, STOP if stopped), the project-programmer name (PPN),
the terminal number (LINE) or DET for detached jobs, and the
name of the program the job is running (JOBNAM).

The file WHO.BH[UP,DOC] is a more complete description of the
information provided by WHO.