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From: Jay Schuster <SCHUSTER@SU-SCORE.ARPA>     Subject: Net Mail

This note describes how to send mail to computers that are reachable only via
UUCP/USENET or BITNET (not directly via ARPAnet, Internet or the Stanford


The address of a uucp node is "host1!host2!...!hostn!user".  You specify the
complete routing of the message.  Host1 sends it to host2 which sends it to
host2, and so on.  The trick is to send this address to an ARPA/Internet node
that recognizes that this is a uucp address and will send it over the usenet.
Two such nodes are Shasta and ucb-vax.  I am also told that Shasta knows of
the following uucp sites:

	tshasta, su-ada, decwrl, olympus, Castro, Folsom,
	csl-vax, cslvax, diablo, glacier, whitney, ucbvax,
	coraki, mazama, Reyes, solar, mseonyx, megates, hplabs,
	menlo70, ucsfcgl, hpda, sun, logitec, adobe, rsi,
	oracle, pyrcorp, pyramid, imagen, plx, acorn, cdp,
	researc, dagobah

(but what about genrad and decvax?).  So an example address would be
"decvax!cornell!jay", to send (slow) usenet mail to my old
Cornell account.

Usenet is slow because it works over the phone at each system's own time.  I
have had uucp mail take over a week to get to me.  But then, it is also an
easier to get into network, requiring no special equipment and as long as one
node knows about you, you can get mail from any other.

Thank you Tim Mann and Tim Gonsalves for this information.


Bitnet was originally intended to be an interuniversity network, but since IBM
has a node on it, I don't consider it to be such anymore.  It routes things
like Usenet, but you don't need to specify the routing yourself.  It can be
cumbersome, because it was originally intended for IBM machines.  (I know a
friend who was trying to go directly from Usenet to Bitnet and was running
into problems like only eight character usernames allowed and it has to be in
all uppercase or something else weird like that).

The way to send to Bitnet from Arpanet is to send an address
"user%host.BITNET" to an ARPA node that recognizes this as a Bitnet address.
Two such nodes are Berkeley and ucb-vax.  I hear, however, that sometimes the
Berkeley mailer gets hung.  So an example address would be


to send mail to another of my old Cornell accounts.  Another way is to send to
""@ucb-arpa . Eventually, ITS will become a Bitnet gateway and you
can send stuff to Forsythe instead of Berkeley or ucb-vax.

Thank you Tim Mann, Tim Gonsalves, Arun Swami, Eric Berg, and Richard Treitel
for this information.