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To create or delete a file directory on disk, or to change the password or
file protection values for such a directory, type the monitor command


where PRJ,PRG is the name of the directory in question.  (See below when
the UFD is on a user disk pack.)  You must know the directory password (if
any) to modify or delete an existing UFD.  When creating a new UFD, it is
generally a good idea to put it in the MAS access group, which will allow
you access to files on that UFD when you are logged in as [1,PRG].  Do
this by typing MAS when asked about adding group access names.

Before deleting a UFD you must first delete all the files in it, e.g., by


Creating UFDs on a UDP (user disk pack) is much the same, except that
you specify a device name, i.e.,


where DEV is the device name of the UDP.  You must first ASSIGN and mount
the UDP, and must know the pack password to create a directory on a UDP.

UDPUFD is an alias of the UFD command that uses a UDP instead of DSK as
the device default.  If it can't figure out which UDP you want it will ask
you to specify it explicitly.

The UFD or UDPUFD commands run a program in your core image.