perm filename UDPUFD.TXT[3,2] blob sn#113229 filedate 1974-07-29 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
To create or delete a file directory on a User Disk Pack, or to
change the password or file protection values for such a directory,
first ASSIGN and mount the UDP, then type the monitor command
where PRJ,PRG is the name of the directory in question.  You must
know the pack password to create a new User File Directory on the
pack; to modify or delete an existing UFD, you must know its own
password (if any).  Before deleting a UFD you must first delete
all the files in it, e.g., by typing
The UDPUFD command runs a program in your core image.

For more information about the UDP, see the file UDP.BH[UP,DOC].
For more information about file protection, read LOGIN.BH[UP,DOC].