perm filename TVED[3,2]1 blob sn#000066 filedate 1972-08-25 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00100	TVED is a display editor.
00200	To learn how to use it, type "R TV;TEACH/Nā†TEACH[1,DCS]<RETURN>".
00300	Switches:
00400	/nS	=	expect n pages (for files without a directory page
00500			and > 30 pages)
00600	/nP	=	start edit on page n or last page if n > number of
00700			pages in file
00800	/nL	=	same as /nP, but for line n
01000	"CTV file.ext<RETURN>" will create a file with name "file.ext"
01100	and begin a TV edit of the file.
01200	See TVED.DCS[UP,DOC] for more written information.
01300	DCS (Dan Swinehart) is the author and resident expert.