perm filename TV[3,2]2 blob sn#102411 filedate 1974-05-20 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
TV and E are display editors, usable only from Stanford display
terminals.  To learn how to use E, type: HELP ETEACH
(You must be logged in first, and at a display terminal.)
ETV is the command for editing a file with E.  CETV for creating.

E is the version normally used; TV, an older version, has a few
capabilities not yet available in E.  For more complete information,
see the files TVED.DCS[UP,DOC] and TV2E.FW[UP,DOC].

E has some other features selectable by switches:
/nP	=	start edit on page n or last page if n > number of
		pages in file
/nL	=	same as /nP, but for line n
/N	=	the file does not have a directory (a special first page
		normally used by these editors)
/R	=	read-only, do not allow modifications to the file