perm filename TTY[3,2]4 blob sn#061251 filedate 1973-09-09 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
The following control characters are read by the moniter when
using a teletype line (or arpanet connection):

↑C	Stop your job (it may be necessary to type this twice).
	You may continue your job by typing CONTINUE<return>.
RUBOUT	Deletes last character (you may not delete past <line feed>).
↑U	Deletes entire line
↑O	Suppresses output until another ↑O or TTY input is requested.
↑B	Holds and continues output. Useful on a display terminals.
↑Z	End of file when treating TTY as input device.

These commands must be given at moniter level:
TTY FILL    Puts extra characters after carriage return so that on 30
	    cps terminal have enough time to execute return.
TTY NO FILL Does not insert extra characters after carriage return.
TTY ECHO    Turns on echoing.
TTY NO ECHO Turns off echoing.  Use this if on a half-duplex terminal.
TTY TABS    Outputs tabs as tabs.
TTY NO TABS Outputs tabs as an appropriate number of spaces.
TTY FULL    Sets full character set mode (upper/lower case)
TTY NO FULL Clears full character set mode (upper case only).