perm filename TTY[3,2]1 blob sn#025199 filedate 1973-02-18 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
The following control characters are read by the moniter at SAIL
and have the following effects:

↑C	Stop your job (it may be necessary to type this twice).
	You may continue your job by typing CONTINUE<return>.
rubout	Deletes last character typed (you may not delete past a
	return or line feed).
↑U	Deletes entire line
↑O	Suppresses output until TTY input is requested or another
	↑O is typed
↑I	Tab (to next multiple of 8 columns).
↑Z	End of file when treating TTY as input device.
↑P	Complements whether tabs are converted to spaces.
↑F	Complements whether lower case is converted to upper case
↑B	Complements duplexing (hit this if everything you type is
	echoed twice)