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C00002 00002				BANNER PEAK TRIP
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	Banner Peak is  12,945 feet high.   It is reached  from Agnew
Meadows on the Eastern side of the Sierras.  You take the Mammoth Mt.
turnoff from  Route 395  and go past  the Mammoth  Ski area to  Agnew
Meadows for the start of the trip. 

	This will be a three day trip.  We will leave Thursday August
14 afternoon or evening.  The drive is about 6 hours - via Tioga Pass
thru Yosemite or Sonora  Pass.  Fri. we hike along a  trail up to the
Thousand  Islands Lake-Garnet  Lake area.   This is  an easy-moderate
hike of 7 miles with an elevation gain to 1500 feet. 

	Saturday-  we climb  the  peak.    Those who  dont  feel  too
ambitious can explore some of the other nearby lakes- Thousand Island
Lake,Lake Ediza  etc.   or play  in the  snow, or  just take  in  the
sunshine.   Those  who  are  very ambitious  can  climb Mt.    Ritter
(13,157) also. 

	 The climb will be over glacier and snow fields with a little
bit of easy  rock scrambling here  and there.   Hiking boots and  ice
axes are required.  You can rent these,  or I may be able to round up
a few.  I will also bring along a safety rope (should the going get a
bit rough.  I have climbed Mt.  Ritter before (considered harder than
Banner)  and  had  no  difficulties.    This  trip  will  be  a  good
introductory  alpine  trip  for  those  who  have  never  been  up  a
trail-less Sierra Peak.  I will give instruction in alpine techniques
for those who are interested. 

	Sunday,we can return via the Mammoth area hot springs for the
usual final soak. 

	I have left Starr's Guide (pages 40-50) and A Climber's Guide
to the High Sierra (pages 58-66,  particularly page 63-route 1) in my
office  for furthur  reference reading.   Send me  a note  if you are