perm filename TI4.VL[1,VDS] blob sn#157536 filedate 1975-05-03 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002	\\M1BDR25\M2SIGN57\M3NGR25\M4NGR20\F2\CVICARM
C00011 ENDMK
\F4\←L\-R\/'7;\+R\→.\→S   Telephone:
\F1\CMay 1, 1975

Mr. Ward McClure
Texas Instrument Corporation
M.S. 132 Div. 8
P.O. Box 5936
Dallas Texas 75222

Dear Ward:

	Enclosed is  the statement you  asked me to  sign.  I  signed it
several weeks ago, but due to a slip up it did not get mailed.  I have
no objections to your doing as you  wish with the arm and any data  I
have  given you.  I  personally  feel that  it  is  fruitless for  an
individual  to try  to protect a  device or  product by  setting up a
screen of  confidentiality or  mystery around it.   In  fact, I  look
forward to  exchanging ideas  and opinions with  you.  I  should say,
that I have yet to advertise the product, because as you well know by
now, there are many areas which could stand improvements.  Much of my
feedback  on arm performance and  problems has come  from people like
T.I., M.I.T., Stanford  University, and others who  have my arms,  or
have made their own.   I cant afford to personally  launch and fund a
full blown research and development department.  In fact, I have not
yet been able to afford an arm of my own. 

	I have a new hand.  Although it looks like  the one you have,
it  is much better.   The  screw thread is  much better fitting, the
frame is stronger and  the potentiometer has  a much greater  dynamic
range,  and  doesn't heat  up.    In  addition, I  have  changed  the
electrical  connector to  an Augat  socket based  system.   Thus gold
plated pins mate with gold plated sockets.  This is more reliable. 
	Other improvements include  better wiring  inside, a  better
tachometer on  joint 2, improved joint  stops on the outer  joints, a
better #5 joint bevel gear set which wears better and has much
less play, and  improved electronics with  much lower offsets, and  a
high/low  switch  which reduces  the  peak  voltage  for testing  and
debugging purposes. The motor temperature sensors are also much  less
sensitive to room temperature variations. 

	Russ Noftsker mentioned that you are  doing some arm hardware
development  of your own  with the aid  of a fellow  from M.I.T..  I'd
like to  exchange  ideas  in  this  area.   I  really  don't  see  us
competing, because my operation is so small it doesn't make sense for
either  you or  I to  worry about  any immediate  competitive threat.
More than likely, Vicarm will someday get bought out by  a T.I., or a
G.M.    or another  large  firm,  rather than  grow  large  as a  new

	I  would like to  send you  some new  parts, should  you need
them.  Let me know  what you want, and I  will get around to  sending
you them  within a few  weeks.  I  feel I should  charge for anything
really new,  but if you return the old hand,  and it has a good motor,
frame and fingers,  I  will  send  you  the  improved  version  as  part  of
"warranty".  You would have to change the wiring to the new connector

	Feel free to call should you have any questions, comments, or

Yours sincerely,

Victor Scheinman