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C00013 00003	STAN-CS-74-425 (TR-81), Maurice Schlumberger, "Vulnerability of deBruijn
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STAN-CS-64-10, R. L. Causey, "On Closest Normal Matrices"

STAN-CS-65-15, D. W. Grace, "Computer Search for Non-Isomorphic Convex

STAN-CS-65-22, C. B. Moler, "Finite Difference Methods for the Eigenbales
of Laplace's Operator"

STAN-CS-65-23, B. D. Rudin, "Convex Polynomial Approximation"

STAN-CS-66-48, W. M. McKeeman, "An Approach to Computer Language Design"

STAN-CS-66-49 (AIM-43), D. R. Reddy, "An Approach to Computer Speech
Recognition by Direct Analysis of Speech Wave"

STAN-CS-66-50 (AIM-46), S. Persson, "Some Sequence Extrapulating Programs:
A Study of Representation and Modelling in Inquiring Systems"

STAN-CS-67-58, V. Tixier, "Recursive Functions of Regular Expressions in
Language Analysis"

STAN-CS-67-66, J. M. Varah, "The Computation of Bounds for the Invariant
Subspaces of a General Matrix Operator"

STAN-CS-68-94, A. C. Shaw, "The Formal Description and Parsing of

STAN-CS-68-101 (AIM-60), D. M. Kaplan, "The Formal Theoretic Analysis of
Stront Equivalence for Elemental Programs"

STAN-CS-68-105, P. Richman, "Epsiolon-Calculus"

STAN-CS-68-106 (AIM-65), B. Huberman, "A Program to Play Chess End Games"

STAN-CS-68-116 (AIM-72), D. Pieper, "The Kinematics of Manipulators Under
Computer Control"

STAN-CS-68-117, D. Adams, "A Computational Model with Data Flow

STAN-CS-68-118 (AIM-74), D. Waterman, "Machine Learning of Heuristics"

STAN-CS-69-127 (AIM-85), P. Vicens, "Aspects of Speech Recognition by

STAN-CS-69-130 (AIM-83), R. C. Schank, "A Conceptual Dependency
Representation for a Computer-Oriented Semantics"

STAN-CS-69-131 (SLAC-96), L. B. Smith, "The Use of Man-Machine Interaction
in Data-Fitting Problems"

STAN-CS-69-136 (SLACR-104), I. Pohl, "Bi-Directional and Heuristic Search
in Path Problems"

STAN-CS-69-138 (AIM-96), C. C. Green, "The Application of Theorem Proving
to Question-Answering Systems"

STAN-CS-69-139 (AIM-98), J. J. Horning, "A Study of Grammatical Inference"

STAN-CS-69-143, M. A. Jenkins, "Three-Stage Variable-Shift for the
Solution of Polynomial Equations with a Posteriori Error Bounds for the

STAN-CS-70-146, G. O. Ramos, "Roundoff Error Analysis of the Fast Fourier

STAN-CS-70-161 (SLACR-117), L. J. Hoffman, "The Formulary Model for Access
Control and Privacy in Computer Systems"

STAN-CS-70-168 (AIM-130), M. Kelly, "Visual Identification of People by

STAN-CS-70-180 (AIM-132), G. Falk, "Computer Interpretation of Imperfect
Line Data as a Three-Dimensional Scene"

STAN-CS-70-182 (AIM-134), J. Tenenbaum, "Accomodation in Computer Vision"

STAN-CS-71-198, R. Brent, "Algorithms for Finding Zeros and Extrema of
Functions without Calculating Derivatives"

STAN-CS-71-208, J. A. George, "Computer Implementation of the Finite
Element Method"

STAN-CS-71-219 (AIM-144), Lynn Quam, "Computer Comparison of Pictures"

STAN-CS-71-222, W. J. Meyers, "Linear Representation of Tree Structure (a
Mathematical Theory of Parenthesis-Free Notations)"

STAN-CS-71-223, Susan Graham, "Precedence Languages and Bounded Right
Context Languages"

STAN-CS-71-227 (SLAC-134), J. E. George, "GEMS - A Graphical Experimental
Meta System"

STAN-CS-71-231 (AIM-149), Rod Schmidt, "A Study of the Real-Time Control
of a Computer Driven Vehicle"

STAN-CS-71-244, R. Tarjan, "An Efficient Planarity Algorithm"

STAN-CS-71-245 (AIM-155), John Ryder, "Heuristic Analysis of Large Trees
as Generated in the Game of Go"

STAN-CS-72-259, Clark A. Crane, "Linear Lists and Priority Queues as
Balanced Binary Trees"

STAN-CS-72-260, Vaughan R. Pratt, "Shellsort and Sorting Networks"

STAN-CS-72-266 (AIM-163), Jean Cadiou, "Recursive Definitions of Partial
and Functions and Their Computation"

STAN-CS-72-271, William E. Riddle, "The Modeling and Analysis of
Supervisory Systems"

STAN-CS-72-276, Linda Kaufman, "A Generalized LR Method to Solve Ax = Bx"

STAN-CS-72-293 (TN-32), J. A. Lukes, "Combinatorial Solutions to
Partitioning Problems"

STAN-CS-72-296, Michael L. Fredman, "Growth Properties of a Class of
Recursively Defined Functions"

STAN-CS-72-303 (AIM-174), F. Lockwood Morris, "Correctness of Translations
of Programming Languages - an Algebraic Approach"

STAN-CS-72-305 (AIM-173), Gerald Agin, "Representation and Description of
Curved Objects"

STAN-CS-72-309 (TR-157), V. Lesser, "Dynamic Control Structures and Their
Use in Emulation"

STAN-CS-72-311 (AIM-177), Richard Paul, "Modelling, Trajectory Calculation
and Servoing of a Computer Controlled Arm"

STAN-CS-72-314 (TR-43), Peter M. Kogge, "Parallel Algorithms for the
Efficient Solution of Recurrence Problems (Part 1)"

STAN-CS-72-315 (TR-44), Peter M. Kogge, "The Numerical Stability of
Parallel Algorithms for Solving Recurrence Problems (Part 2)"

STAN-CS-72-316 (TR-45), Peter M. Kogge, "Minimal Paralellism in the
Solution of Recurrence Problems (Part 3)"

STAN-CS-72-321 (AIM-180), Ruzena Bajcsy, "Computer Identification of
Textured Visual Scenes"

STAN-CS-72-324 (TR-48), Henry R. Bauer, III, "Subproblems of the m X n
Sequencing Problem"

STAN-CS-72-329, Isu Fang, "Folds, A Declarative Formal Language Definition

STAN-CS-73-336 (AIM-188), Ashok K. Chandra, "On the Properties and
Applications of Program Schemas"

STAN-CS-73-343, David R. Levine, "Computer-Based Analytic Grading for
German Grammar Instruction"

STAN-CS-73-363, Linda C. Kaufman, "The LZ Algorithm to Solve the
Generalized Eigenvalue Problem"

STAN-CS-73-366 (AIM-201), Gunnar Rutger Grape, "Model Bases
(Intermediate-Level) Computer Vision"

STAN-CS-73-372, Michael A. Malcolm, "Nonlinear Spline Functions (Part 2)"

STAN-CS-73-380 (AIM-209), Yoram Yakimovsky, "Scene Analysis Using a
Semantic Base for Region Growing"

STAN-CS-73-393 (AIM-218), Jean Etienne Vuillemin, "Proof Techniques for
Recursive Programs"

STAN-CS-74-410 (TR-46), James L. Peterson, "Modelling of Parallel Systems"

STAN-CS-74-412 (AIM-230), Daniel C. Swinehart, "COPILOT:  A Multiple
Process Approach to Interactive Programming Systems"

STAN-CS-74-413 (AIM-231), James Gips, "Shape Grammars and Their Uses"

STAN-CS-74-415, Ronald L. Rivest, "Analysis of Associative Retrieval

STAN-CS-74-418, Richard L. Sites, "Proving That Computer Programs
Terminate Cleanly"

STAN-CS-74-419 (AIM-233), Charles Rieger, III, "Conceptual Memory:  A
Theory and Computer Program for Processing the Meaning Content of Natural
Language Utterances"

STAN-CS-74-421 (TR-51), John Wakerly, "Low-Cost Error Detection Techniques
for Small Computers"

STAN-CS-74-424 (TR-80), Maurice Schlumberger, "Logorithmic Communications
Networks (Chapter 1)"

STAN-CS-74-425 (TR-81), Maurice Schlumberger, "Vulnerability of deBruijn
Communications Networks (Chapter 2)"

STAN-CS-74-426 (TR-82), Maurice Schlumberger, "Queueing Equal Length
Messages in a Logorithmic Network (Chapter 3)"

STAN-CS-74-437 (AIM-238), C. K. Riesbeck, "Computational Understanding:
Analysis of Sentences and Context"

STAN-CS-74-438 (AIM-239), Marsha Jo Hanna, "Computer Matching of Areas in
Stereo Images"

STAN-CS-74-443, Douglas K. Brotz, "Embedding Heuristic Problem Solving
Methods in a Mechanical Theorem Prover"

STAN-CS-74-449 (TR-89), A. Smith, "Performance Analysis of Computer
Systems Components"

STAN-CS-74-452 (AIM-242), J. R. Low, "Automatic Coding:  Choice of Data

STAN-CS-74-458 (AIM-245), J. Buchanan, "A Study in Automatic Programming"

STAN-CS-74-461 (AIM-247), N. M. Goldman, "Computer Generation of Natural
Language from a Deep Conceptual Base"

STAN-CS-74-463 (AIM-249), Bruce Baumgart, "Geometric Modeling for Computer

STAN-CS-74-464 (AIM-250), Ramakant Nevatia, "Structured Descriptions of
Complex Curved Objects for Recognition and Visual Memory"

STAN-CS-74-465 (AIM-251), E. H. Shortliffe, "MYCIN:  A Rule-Based Computer
Program for Advising Physicians Regarding Antimicrobial Therapy Selection"

STAN-CS-75-475 (AIM-257), M. C. Newey, "Formal Semantics of LISP with
Applications to Program Correctness"

STAN-CS-75-491, G. D. Knott, "Deletion in Binary Storage Trees"

STAN-CS-75-492, R. Sedgewick, "Quicksort"

STAN-CS-75-494, E. H. Satterthwaite, Jr., "Source Language Debugging

STAN-CS-75-496, R. Underwood, "An Iterative Block Lanczos Method for the
Solution of Large Sparse Symmetric Eigenproblems"

STAN-CS-75-498 (AIM-259), H. Samet, "Automatically Proving the Correctness
of Translations Involving Optimized Code"

STAN-CS-75-499 (AIM-260), D. C. Smith, "PYGMALION:  A Creative Programming

STAN-CS-75-525 (AIM-272), S. Ganapathy, "Reconstruction of Secnes
Containing Polyhedra from Stereo Pair of Views"

STAN-CS-76-534 (AIM-273), Linda G. Hemphill, "A Conceptual Approach to
Automatic Language Understanding and Belief Structures: With
Disambiguation of the Word 'For' "

STAN-CS-76-548, D. Prost O'Leary, "Hybrid Conjugate Gradient Algorithms"

STAN-CS-76-552 (AIM-279), Norihsa Suzuki, "Automatic Verification of
Programs with Complex Data Structures"

STAN-CS-76-554, F. S. Yu, "Modeling the Write Behavior of Computer

STAN-CS-76-556, L. J. Guibas, "The Analysis of Hashing Algorithms"

STAN-CS-76-560 (AIM-282), Russell Taylor, "Synthesis of Manipulator
Control Programs from Task-level Specifications"

STAN-CS-76-563, D. L. Russell, "State Restoration Among Communicating

STAN-CS-76-564 (AIM-283), Randall Davis, "Applications of Meta Level
Knowledge to the Construction, Maintenance and Use of Large Knowledge

STAN-CS-76-565, J. C. Strikwerda, "Initial Boundary Value Problems for
Incompletely Parabolic Systems"

STAN-CS-76-566, Margaret Wright, "Numerical Methods for Nonlinearly
Constrained Optimization"

STAN-CS-76-567 (AIM-284), Rafael Finkel, "Constructing and Debugging
Manipulator Programs"

STAN-CS-76-570 (AIM-286), Douglas Lenat, "AM: An Artificial Intelligence
Approach to Discovery in Mathematics as Heuristic Search"

STAN-CS-76-571 (AIM-287), Michael Roderick, "Discrete Control of a Robot

STAN-CS-77-591 (AIM-295), Robert C. Bolles, "Verification Vision Within a
Programmable Assembly System"

STAN-CS-77-592 (AIM-296), Robert Cartwright, Jr., "A Practical Formal
Semantic Definition and Verification Systems for Typed LISP"

STAN-CS-77-594 (SLAC-200), Edwin P. Stritter, "File Migration"

STAN-CS-77-595, John Gregg Lewis, "Algorithms for Sparse Matrix Eigenvalue

STAN-CS-77-600, Mark R. Brown, "The Analysis of a Practical and Nearly
Optimal Priority Queue"

STAN-CS-77-601, John F. Reiser, "Analysis of Additive Random Number

STAN-CS-77-608, Istvan Simon, "On Some Subrecursive Reducibilities"

STAN-CS-77-632 (AIM-304), Todd Jeffery Wagner, "Hardware Verification"

STAN-CS-77-633 (AIM-305), William Faught, "Motivation and Intensionality
in a Computer Simulation Model"

STAN-CS-77-641 (AIM-308), David Barstow, "Automatic Construction of

STAN-CS-77-644, Bernard Mont-Reynaud, "Hierarchical Properties of Flows
and the Determination of Inner Loops"

STAN-CS-78-658 (SLAC-205), Leonard J. Shustek, "Analysis and Performance
of Computer Instruction Sets"

STAN-CS-78-659 (SLAC-206), John E. Zolnowsky, "Topics in Computational

STAN-CS-78-660 (AIM-313), Bruce E. Shimano, "The Kinematic Design and
Force Control of Computer Controlled Manipulators"

STAN-CS-78-671 (AIM-316), Jerrold Ginsparg, "Natural Language Processing
in an Automatic Programming Domain"

STAN-CS-78-672, Tony F. C. Chan, "Comparison of Numerical Methods for
Initial Value Problems"

STAN-CS-78-676 (SLACR-213), John Phineas Banning, "A Method for
Determining the Side Effects of Procedure Calls"

STAN-CS-78-681, Louis Trabb Pardo, "Set Representation and Set

STAN-CS-78-682, Jacobo Valdes, "Parsing Flowcharts and Series-Parallel

STAN-CS-78-685, Franklin Tai-cheung Luk, "Sparse and Parallel Matrix

STAN-CS-78-691, Kenneth P. Bube, "The Construction of Initial Data for
Hyperbolic Systems from Nonstandard Data"

STAN-CS-78-698, Richard E. Sweet, "Empirical Estimates of Program Entropy"

STAN-CS-78-700 (HPP-78-28), Reid Garfield Smith, "A Framework for Problem
Solving in a Distributed Processing Environment"

STAN-CS-79-701, Mitch L Model, "Monitoring System Behavior in a Complex
Computational Environment"

STAN-CS-79-705, Robert Lewis (Scot) Drysdale, III, "Generalized Voronoi
Diagrams and Geometric Searching"

STAN-CS-78-711, Tom Michael Mitchell, "Version Spaces:  An Approach to
Concept Learning"

STAN-CS-79-727 (AIM-327), Robert Elliot Filman, "The Interaction of
Observation and Inference"

STAN-CS-79-741, Lyle Harold Ramshaw, "Formalizing the Analysis of

STAN-CS-79-743 (AIM-328), Juan Bulnes-Rozas, "GOAL: A Goal Oriented
Command Language for Interactive Proof Construction"

STAN-CS-79-744 (CSL TR-172), Hector Garcia-Molina, "Performance of Update
Algorithms for Replicated Data in a Distributed Database"

STAN-CS-79-745, Thomas Lengauer, "Upper and Lower Bounds on Time-Space
Tradeoffs in a Pebble Game"

STAN-CS-79-746, Alan Borning, "ThingLab -- A Constraint-Oriented
Simulation Laboratory"

STAN-CS-79-747 (AIM-329), David E. Wilkins, "Using Patterns and Plans to
Solve Problems and Control Search"

STAN-CS-79-753, Michael Lockhart Overton, "Projected Lagrangian Algorithms
for Nonlinear Minimax and lā†“1 Optimization"

STAN-CS-79-755 (AIM-331), Elaine Kant, "Efficiency Considerations in
Program Synthesis: A Knowledge-Based Approach"

STAN-CS-79-769, William John Clancey, "Transfer of Rule-Based Expertise
Through a Tutorial Dialogue"

STAN-CS-79-771, Peter E. Friedland, "Knowledge-Based Experiment Design in
Molecular Genetics"

STAN-CS-79-772 (AIM-333), Brian P. McCune, "Building Program
Models Incrementaly from Informal Descriptions"