perm filename TEXIT[3,2] blob sn#802869 filedate 1985-09-13 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
    .R TEXIT;filename

will convert a text file that uses the WAITS character set to a TeX input
file that uses only standard ASCII.  Such a file can be FTPed to other
sites, run through TeX, and printed.  E directories are removed, tabs are
converted to the appropriate number of spaces, and page marks cause TeX to
force page breaks.

The output file is written on your current alias area, with the name of the
input file and the extension ".TEX".  (You are asked whether to replace an
existing file with that name.)  It starts with several lines of TeX commands
that assume the PLAIN format is loaded; these commands redefine the category
codes of special characters and define some macros.

The site printing the document must have the font CMTEX10, which has the
characters in the TeX character set.