perm filename TALK[3,2]2 blob sn#035743 filedate 1973-04-16 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00100	To talk  to  someone  here  at  SAIL,  at  monitor  level  type  TALK
00200	TTY<TELETYPE  NUMBER>  (no spaces between TTY and teletype number) or
00300	TALK CTY with you wish to reach anyone, as we do not have an operator
00400	here.  If the terminal is at monitor level, you will then become part
00500	of what is known as a talk ring, in  which  everything  you  type  is
00600	echoed  on  each terminal in the ring.  If terminal is not in monitor
00700	mode you will get the error message BUSY. To leave a talk  ring  type
00800	<control>C  (or  <CALL> on displays). If the person you are trying to
00900	reach is always  busy,  Type  R  MES  at  monitor  level  and  follow

01000	instructions.