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Szego is a DEC LPS-40 300-dot-per-inch printer located in MJH 221.
Szego can print plain text files, DVI files and PostScript files.
(Fonts for DVI files must be among the standard fonts available on Polya.)

The SAIL Szego spooler can convert plain text files to PostScript, using
fonts available on the LPS-40.  To specify the font for a text file,
use the /Font=<font> switch, with exact letter case in the <font> name.
Each font can be scaled by the LaserWriter to any point size -- use the
/FSize=n switch, with n an integer number of points.  Margins can be set
with the margin switches /TMAR, /BMAR, /LMAR, /RMAR (top, bottom, left,
right); their units are 1000ths of an inch (see spooler documentation on
these switches).  The switches /NLINES=n and /NCHARS=m can be used to
specify the number of lines per page and characters per line, respectively.

Here are the monitor commands for spooling, showing status, and unspooling:

    SZEGO <filename>       spools the file on the Szego printer
    Q/SZ                   reports the Szego spooler status and queue
    UNSPOOL/SZ             allows you to cancel any Szego requests of yours

For complete spooler documentation, see the SPOOL appendix of the
Monitor Command Manual, online as MONCOM.BH[S,DOC], with updates