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The primary documentation for our timesharing system is the Monitor
Command Manual, SAILON 54.3, and the UUO Manual, SAILON 55.3.  (The
latter contains information needed for programming in machine language.)
These are available online in the files MONCOM.BH[S,DOC] and
UUO.ME[S,DOC] respectively.  These are very large files, not
recommended for reading online!  Printed copies are available from
	Documentation Services
	Artificial Intelligence Lab
	Computer Science Department
	Stanford University
	Stanford, California  94305
Relatively up-to-date corrections to these documents are contained in
the files ERRATA.BH[S,DOC] and UUOUPD.ME[S,DOC].  Documentation of
system utility programs is contained in files on the [S,DOC] and
[UP,DOC] disk areas.  Also, the command HELP HELP will list a few
sources of basic information.