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If you encounter a DataDisc or III keyboard for which some keys keep getting
stuck, then here is your five minute lesson on how to fix a DD keyboard.

	1) Tools needed:
		one regular screw driver
	2) Remove four screws from underside of keyboard.
	3) Remove top cover to keyboard.
	4) Loosen four screws holding keyboard in place.
	5) Shift keyboard in appropriate direction.
	6) Tighten four screws that hold the keyboard in place, making sure
	   the keyboard is held so it doesn't shift while tightening.
	7) Replace top keyboard cover.
	8) Replace and tighten four screws on underside of keyboard while
	   holding keyboard cover in place.

This technique SHOULD work, but is NOT guaranteed to work.  If it doesn't work:

	1) Tools needed:
		one regular screw driver
		one metal rasp or file
		one roll of electrician's tape
	2) Do steps 2,3 above.
	3) Loosen two right screws holding keyboard in place.
	4) Remove two left screws holding keyboard in place.
	5) Remove keyboard.
	6) File keyboard down underneath the holes about 3/16 inch.
	7) Put electrical tape over filed area.
	8) Replace keyboard.
	9) Replace two left screws so that the doughnut is underneath the
	   keyboard while the washer is over the keyboard.
	10) Do steps 5,6,7,8 in first set of instructions.

This technique will work when the other doesn't.  Now even YOU can do it.