perm filename SPOOL[3,2]4 blob sn#650721 filedate 1982-03-31 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
SPOOL <filename> causes the file to be printed on the line printer.
XSPOOL <filename> causes the file to be printed on the XGP.
DOVER <filename> causes the file to be printed on the Dover printer.
UNSPOOL allows you to selectively delete spooler requests.
QSPOOL displays the spooler queues.

You must be logged in to give these commands, except for QSPOOL.

Switches are available.  To use a switch to modify a spool command type
"/" and the switch name.  In case the switch takes a numeric argument,
type "/" <switch name> = argument.

Some switches:

NOTITLE		Suppress the header page
NOHEADING	Suppress the header line on each page
DELETE		Delete the file after listing
DUMP		Spool in octal words

Page ranges:
	means page n1, pages n2 to n3 inclusive, and page n4

Time delay command - don't print the listing until specified time:
	/HOLD = hhmm	where hhmm is 4 digits of 24 hour time.
			"hhmm" is always in the future.

For complete details on the use of SPOOL, see the printed Monitor Command Manual
or its online version in MONCOM.BH[S,DOC], with updates in MONCOM.UPD[S,DOC].
For detail on the SPSUB spooler subroutine for inclusion in user programs,