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SPOOL  <filename>  causes  a  listing of the file that is named to be
made on the line printer.

	For complete details see SPOOL.REG[UP,DOC].
	Ralph Gorin is the author of the spooler system.

Switches are available.  To use a switch to modify  a  spool  command
type  "/"  and the switch letter.  In case the switch takes a numeric
argument, type "/" <number> <switch letter>


A	Suppress the header page
B	suppress the header line on each page
C	Turn line feed into '177&'21
D	Delete the file after listing
nE	Turn line feed into n*line feed.
H	Force page headings
N	Suppress SOS line numbers
O	Use lpt mode 100 instead of mode 0
P	Do fortran carriage control
nR	Make n listings of the file
S	Make the title page centered for 8.5" paper
T	Suppress "spooling done" notification
U	Spool in octal words

Page ranges:
	means page n1, pages n2 to n3 inclusive, and page n4

Time delay command
	"<" time ">"  where timm is 4 digits of 24 hour time.
	"time" is always in the future.