perm filename SPINDL[3,2] blob sn#246906 filedate 1976-11-13 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
SPINDL.DMP[1,3] (source CRU3.FAI[1,REM])  is  the  new  (1976)
program  for  combining several small text files into a single
file, with optional data-compression, and  with  directory  to
allow  access  to  individual  sub-files.     Documentation is
SPINDL.REM[UP,DOC],  source  document  for  POX   but   mostly
readable on terminal without compilation.
	An older (1972) program by the  same  name  exists  in
case  you want to access an old spindle you created back then,
but should not be used for new stuff. That program was able to
spindle  binary  as  well  as  text  files,  but  didn't  have
data-compression facilities.    Source is SPINDL.SAI[1,REM].
	Also  existing  is  a program for compressing a single
file  without  making  a  spindle,   CRU2.DMP[1,REM]   (source
CRU2.FAI[1,REM]), and a program for archiving files to the CCA
Datacomputer (Ampex terrabit "unicon" memory),  NDFTP.DMP[1,3]
(source on [NET,MRC]).