perm filename SOUP[3,2] blob sn#498332 filedate 1980-03-10 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
SOUP, for some reason, refers to the programs CAM and FED[*].  CAM stands
for "Compare And Merge" and compares two files, producing a difference
file that can then be processed by FED (File EDit) to recreate one file
from the other.

To produce a correction file:
*cor-file,list-file,log-file ← old-files-device:,new-files-device:
			If file-name specified,single-file mode assumed.
To merge two correction files:
*merged-cor-file,list-file,log-file ← ,first-cor-file,second-cor-file
				      Note presence of comma
To produce an updated file:
*new-files-dev:,list-files-dev:,log-file ← old-files-dev:,cor-file

/I	suppress incrementing numeric extension
/P	type command string as it is read
/n=number	(number = 1 to 9)	set number of lines required
					for a match (default is 3)
("xxx")	cause code xxx to be placed on every header line
	of the correction file

/X	selects srccom-like listing of changes made (if list-file
/H	causes listing file (without /X) to have a header and be
	page formatted.
/T	inserts timings in log-file
/Z	↑Z is recognized as end of cor-file regardless of what follows
/P	same as CAM
("xxx")	causes code xxx to be placed on each new line in list-file
	(if /X not used)

[*] SOUP:  SOftware Update Package, or "Is it SOUP yet?".  Thank you, LB.