perm filename SNOW.NO[FOO,LMM] blob sn#131278 filedate 1974-11-17 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00003 00002	Sun    	---	Aquarius
C00004 00003	Desert poem.
C00006 00004	This time for good no more.
C00008 00005	Tonight she called and said
C00010 00006	Sometimes --
C00011 00007	Shame on me
C00012 00008	GREAT!
C00013 00009	Bird songs
C00014 00010	yummy tummy
C00015 00011	What can I do with you
C00016 00012	Confusion --
C00018 00013	Bright ecstatic moments, 
C00020 00014	comfort-
C00022 00015	I don't.
C00023 00016	Time for toads
C00025 00017	Re.
C00026 00018	ASS!
C00027 00019	I
C00028 00020	I must do right by them.
C00029 00021	Set the table, dear,
C00030 00022	I am content
C00034 ENDMK
Sun    	---	Aquarius
Moon   	---	Libra
Mercury	---	Capricorn
Venus  	---	Aquarius
Mars   	---	Pisces
Jupiter	---	Capricorn
Saturn 	---	Virgo
Uranus 	---	Gemini
Neptune	---	Libra
Pluto 	---	Leo

Rising 	---     Leo
Desert poem.
Reoccurance of

I need and repress my fear and hurt.
I want to ask -- see, hear, feel, touch me,
be me, know me, suffer with me
 unaskable things
  as I want them unasked.

Come now, love me, do crazy things for me.

oh woe.

Passion over,
You fill my mind.
what can I do
to bring us together, tight:
to upward, one toward one,
so that both rise.

I am getting stoned silly, playing pool into shoes.
Tell me what you did today,

I am hungry for doing,
 suspicious of moving,
 of going, flowing,
 silk of the breeze.

Expediants expidite without change.  Permanance.
I do not trust;  I could trust/pretend.

Can I plead, come in now.
Should I plead, I need you?
This time for good; no more.
This time when you give up
 me on Monday,
 me on Tuesday,
 me on Wendnesday, 
 me on Thursday,

you give up

  me on Friday,
  me on Saturday,
  me on Sunday
     as well.

You fucking bitch!

Think you can use me like
the old worn bathmat
to keep your feet warm
when you need to take a shit.

Think you can come home on Sundays,
just for a kick,
to make yourself at home
like Christmas vacation.
Then leave me for your fucking
"adventure in life".

Think you can be miss Hotsy-Totsy
prancing round life, having a ball,
(just between you and me, scared shitless).

No, no, no,
 you can't come home like that.
Tonight she called and said
Ow woe, I need you I need you
let me come tickle your belly and love you

He was very cruel to me, you know
We had a fabulous time, you know
But I called him again, you know
  and he treated me badly
Let me come home its your birthday

I promise it won't happen again and I'll try
very hard.

She called up crying and said
I promise I wont
no more
no more
do you want me to come home?

It's so hard to find a place
without you

I told her:
write down, some time, when you're not upset
what you want out of life....
Keep that piece of paper and look at it the next day.
Maybe after a week of believing in the same thing,
maybe then you can tell me about it.

She says: good idea, are you going to write it down?

I want
  mutual respect
  one toward one so that both rise

 sharing, growing together.
Sometimes --
sometimes I can look at you
 and not be afraid

sometimes --
sometimes I can think of you
 and not hear the fear
yammering away in my ears

those times are very good


If you get yourself in trouble,
  get yourself out.

If you don't know how to be,

If you don't know what to do,
 figure it out.

Don't lean on me,
 I'm not your man anymore.

Shame on me
 for surrogating you
using you
fantasizing over you

dream J dream

Shame on me
 for seeing visions
flirtations, quiet understandings

Shame on me for WANTING
wanting so much that I was
preferring dreams and fantasies
over the possible grotesqueness of
the real.


Sand dollar lady
 tripping down the path
my words ring out to you,

to who

Empty love, I am need.
I am want,
you filled me with joy
and left.

Leaving fear
 leaves all alone

lonliness fills my nights.

get off your ass
sitting pretty and writing small

thinking to yourself full of self pity & longing:

Create!  If no one knows but yourself,
you are empty.


Write down my sorrow
fold the paper
maybe it'll go away

Ambivalence, anger, fear
negative words, feelings.
stamp them out.
(stamp, stamp)

I reject my fears and HIDE.
I am alive and free
if only I can see
how wonderful I am.

Sunken morose of dreams despondancy.
What do I need with such?

I have
  plants, fishes, papers, letters.
A new phase.
Bird songs
 I hear your bird songs --
you on a tree outside my window.

A year now, hearing your bird songs, waiting


as ever remote, no love lost
today I feel no withdrawal pains

What kind of love is that,
dies like that.

Who you are,
 can I conjure up your face?

	rolling down the hill
	biting cold
	I see nothing but
	the pit in my stomach.

yummy tummy
shimmy belly
rubbie slurping
hot wide mouth

tickle nipple
scritchle humple
thumps my back

greasy easy
silken motion
swishing bed
long soft stroke

tumble jumble
dangle limb
rolling singing
lolling toungue.


(1)  Pardon me miss, may I hump you?

(2)  Pardon me miss, may I slurp you?

(3)  pardon me miss, may I fuck you?

(4)  Pardon me miss, pardon me.

What can I do with you
ancient love
Aztec stamp on my soul.

It reeks of mildew
it's that kind of age
that grows slime.

What am I that
relies on loneliness
to torment my soul


Raspy skinny bitch-- broken.
Dry humping in the cold, afraid
to speak.  
Bright grief in a jar
brief love, Susan.

I am sick, tired, lonely,
not wanting to be.

Write your lonely heart out
to me;  I want to suck 
your bittersweet.
Confusion --

whirlwinds of thought
slow liquid crystals in milk-white

Blue, light blue.

What to make of this
slurry; immersion in laughter,
high thoughts and tails, wagging in
the darkness of our mouths.

Love, you sing my song,
high whine of the wind
thru the trees.

Duodenic rhythms
beating slow time in
background while short
pulses of shrieks intersperse
themselves, cutting edge, writing bright


Methodical me, my creativity.
Punch your pasties, petunia.
Turn to whimsey, giggling
bright, fantastic tenor of
thorny stasis, nose clean,
body bright.
Bright ecstatic moments, 
the falling of a leaf, perception
loud, like snow: soft.

Listen to me:  "Listen to me, saying
`Listen to me I said listen to me'".

Vector bright, ashynchronous,
wherewithal the toast of love.

Dark hat, pulled tightly,
canasters in plexiglas.

Do you get me?
Does this TURN YOU ON?
Make your mouth water brutally,
 banging your chops on a
 juicy greasy steak?


waiting for little chickie,
wanting warm.

What does it buy, this:
holes in my underwear.

Same sad story; told you, tell you;
want you.  Kicked, kinks, bites; dreams
of sucking breasts, erotica.

Destroy my dreams, dreamboat;
all shattered ice, melting away.

like wherewithal- its easier to sit
a light floating feeling, the morning
baloon rests lightly within.
It must be
the nylon shirt -- I feel cool.
Friendly captain of the skies.  Our leader.
I am safe.


Fragmented words. Sequence of nouns, no verbs.
Prepositions are excusable.  To describe a state,
a feeling, where I am now; the associations flow like
   I must work at this high feeling I have now --
no sleep, the dreams crowd into the day.

  I am looking
 to holding you.


Where are my almonds!! Goddam stewardess didn't bring me
my fucking almonds and I want them NOW and she isn't bringing
them.  What is this world coming to!!??

At least a coke or something.  

Boy, am I having fun.
I don't.
  no point. Just pretend.
When I let go and feel
that it's ok that I 
feel no care,  by myselfishness
frustrasted by trying to please.
  I've surrounded myself with
expectations to be with you.
I don't want them. I don't
need you; I don't need
your shit, I don't need
your pain; I don't need the
place I put myself with you.


Grief and sadness
Isolate myself

writing in a corner
sad, so sad.

When will it break
shattering glass

Sad old man, my father
weight of years.

Time for toads
birds in a cage
lovers; wincing memory
Is it like this, Susy
feeling sadness at your
dry old teat. Bony
hands, rumpled beds,
turning, smearing

Old lady, does she know
my NEED for love --
where is gentleness;
all that is left is pain.
Time to destroy illusions;
finis... time for a journey
back to aloneness.


  And alone.
  getting stoned.

Uncountable bodies / warm love.
Solitude. Sights. shake up.
freak out.
Repression repressed.
Trouser creases.
How can one who, healthy by comparison,
sickly in mind, full of that enjoyment
and beauty, dimly lit fortune,
subtle symbols.

 Why do I turn them away.


  When the train leaves
  drowning sorrows,
  having fun, taking care;
  I miss my garden
  sweet soft love
  under the tree.

Come with me
 to my love nest.
what have you done to
Professional Pride, professional
man, professional child.

Whopla, ho ho, ha ha.

Tenderness caressing stone
it softens not

Take my eyes // I am a fool.

Pinch my ass, it deserves it.


I have learned that
I am alone.

No conniseur of aloneness, I.

It burns, my aloneness.
I always
dream of fucks.  Sperm like snot,
I leave behind, wandering.
am a potato.
No matter what,
I remain a potato.

No fancy carrots, you;
  esoteric apples,

potato-ness becomes me.


Two o'clock. Train at 452.
How can I make it,
what can I do.

Prostitute, tits not bare
I am sad for you.


There.  White Cliffs of Dover.
They're white all right.
I must do right by them.
Friends who
keep up, post up.

Touch me, keep me warm.
I'll keep you warm.



Paper bag blues
quick glances of culture,
red hair waltzing
a Berkeley Barb
waving in the wind
  of ceiling fans.
I, a, acultural, 


Two ladies

I look away
remembering the
 removal of a sweater...

only to find another
Set the table, dear,
in your leather jacket.

The arch of
  your movement
a mathematical
Catenary?  Parabolic?


Home again. well come home.

Stinking pits, itching beard,
laughs, joy, sharing;
word games on the
plane, I win.

hey listen... I've been in love before;
I know the tenderess of a night, a kiss, sweet cares.
I know the pain of sharing, rightful
claming hard assed to me.

You belong to ME.

fuck off, gypsy.
I am content



There is yet time for stillness.


Lolling tongue
  this is what it's all


Dreams, dreams of Maja.

Dreams of strange rooms, parrots,
sweet old ladies & nostalgia like acid.

What can they do now with their flowers?


Psychiatrist: What do you want?
Me: What do I want?

There is a pretty red dress there.
I think I'll watch it.