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S T A N F O R D   U N I V E R S I T Y

No. 7↔December

@Listed here are abstracts of the most recent reports published by the
Department of Computer Science at Stanford University.

@TO REQUEST REPORTS:  Check the appropriate places on the enclosed order
form, and return the entire order form page (including mailing label) by
February 28, 1980.  In many cases we can print only a limited number of copies,
and requests will be filled on a first come, first served basis.  If the code
(FREE) is printed on your mailing label, you will not be charged for hardcopy.
This exemption from payment is limited primarily to libraries.  (The costs
shown include all applicable sales taxes.  PLEASE SEND NO MONEY NOW, WAIT UNTIL 

@ALTERNATIVELY:  Copies of most Stanford CS Reports may be obtained by writing
(about 2 months after the MOST RECENT CS REPORTS listing) to NATIONAL TECHNICAL
INFORMATION SERVICE, 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, Virginia 22161.
Stanford Ph.D. theses are available from UNIVERSITY MICROFILMS, 300 North
Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106.
.select 4 <<order form>>
REPORT ORDER FORM #6↔Order Deadline: December 28, 1979

To order reports, or to change your mailing address, complete and return the ENTIRE
form (including the mailing label) to:  Publications Coordinator, Department of
Computer Science, Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305, U.S.A.
.begin nofill
	   Hardcopy				   Microfiche

1._____ STAN-CS-79-760	   $2.30	2._____ STAN-CS-79-760	   FREE
3._____	STAN-CS-79-761	   $1.90	4._____	STAN-CS-79-761	   FREE
5._____	AIM-332		   $4.70	6._____	AIM-332		   FREE
7._____	STAN-CS-79-763	   $2.20	8._____	STAN-CS-79-763	   FREE
9._____	STAN-CS-79-764	   $2.65	A._____	STAN-CS-79-764	   FREE
B._____	STAN-CS-79-765	   $1.95	C._____	STAN-CS-79-765	   FREE
					E._____	STAN-CS-79-766	   FREE
					G._____	STAN-CS-79-767	   FREE
H._____	STAN-CS-79-768	   $2.40	I._____	STAN-CS-79-768	   FREE
					K._____	STAN-CS-79-769	   FREE
L._____	STAN-CS-79-770	   $2.30	M._____	STAN-CS-79-770	   FREE

%4Please do NOT send money with your order.  Wait until you receive an invoice,
which is enclosed with the reports when they're sent.
.begin indent 0,8,0
_____  Check here to change your address.  Print the changes above the
mailing label, and return this ENTIRE form (including the mailing
label) to:  Publications Coordinator, Department of Computer Science,
Stanford University.
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%4Stanford University
Department of Computer Science
Stanford, California 94305