perm filename SERVIC[3,2]2 blob sn#843455 filedate 1987-07-23 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
The file SERVIC[P,DOC] contains information about various services,
such as banks, car repair, doctors and dentists, etc. in the local
area.  The monitor command READ SERVIC will let you read this file
using the E editor if you are logged in to SAIL.

If you are not logged in to SAIL, you can read this file in one of the
following ways:

1. Via the TYPE command.  Give the command TYPE SERVIC[P,DOC](1) to
see the file's directory.  The second column of numbers shows the page
number for each topic.  To read, say, page 17, give the command
TYPE SERVIC[P,DOC](17).  You can specify a range of pages with a
command such as TYPE SERVIC[P,DOC](33:35).

2. Via FTP.  Using ASCII mode, you can retrieve the whole file with an
FTP command such as GET SERVIC[P,DOC] or RETR SERVIC[P,DOC].  (The
syntax may depend on your local FTP program.  You do not have to log
in to SAIL's FTP server, but you may log in as "anonymous" with any
password if your FTP program insists that you log in.)  The file is at
least 600K characters long, so you may want instead to first get the
directory with GET SERVIC[P,DOC](1) and then get a page or a range of
pages, for example GET SERVIC[P,DOC](17:19).