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SCRIBE as of 29 Jun 79: 
SCRIBE is a document-formatting program; it processes Manuscript files into
Document files.  Document files are printed on an appropriate printing device
to produce the finished document.

If A.MSS is a Manuscript file, then it may be processed with SCRIBE as follows:

        R SCRIBE

Options available are:

  Q  Don't type err msgs (log only)     T  (Terse) short err msgs only
  W  Count words in document            V  determine vocabulary of document
  F  Use @Device(FILE)                  L  Use @Device(LPT)
  D  Use @Device(DIABLO)                X  Use @Device(XGP) ; not in SAIL
  A  Use @Device(LA36)                  DEV:name  Use @Device(name)

A printed SCRIBE manual is available from the CMU Document Librarian.  See the
files *.DEV, *.FON, *.MAK, and *.REF, all on account [SCR,SYS], to see the
current lists of devices, fonts, document types, and bibliography formats that
are available.