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SCRIBE is a document-formatting program; it processes Manuscript files into
Document files.  Document files are printed on an appropriate printing device
to produce the finished document.

If A.MSS is a Manuscript file, then it may be processed with SCRIBE as
follows.  The extension of the output file produced depends on the output
device; at times it will also produce an error file .ERR, outline file .OTL,
and an auxiliary file .AUX.


Options available include:
	/Dover			Output for Dover
	/FILE or /F		Output for @Device(File)
	/LPT or /L		Output for line printer
	/DIABLO or /D		Output for Diablo HyType II
	/GSI or /G		Output for GSI photocomposer at SRI
	/PagedFile		Output for @Device(PagedFile)
	/LA36 or /A		Output for @Device(LA36) [DECwriter]

Non-device options:
	/VOCAB or /V		Generate Vocabulary file (.LEX)
	/WORDS or /W		Count words in document
	/Hyphenate or /H	Hyphenate
	/Quiet or /Q		Don't list error messages on terminal
	/Terse or /T		Print abbreviated error messages
	/Draft:XXX		Set @String(Draft="XXX")
	/Draft			Same as /Draft:1
	/Noindex		Turn off all Indexing (saves address space)

The Scribe database is in directory [SCR,SYS]; you can learn more details
by perusing it.  Look at files with extensions DEV, MAK, REF, LIB, and FON.
Printed Scribe manuals and pocket reference booklets are available in
the bookstore.