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Dear fellow SAILOR, 

It is now three years since the last SAIL meeting.   Some recent 
developments such as the emergence of MAINSAIL and an 
increasing user population, in terms of PDP-10 sites that 
use SAIL as their main language, suggest that a meeting of 
people interested in the continuing viability of the language
is in order.  A possible agenda for such a meeting is enclosed.  
The general impression that currently exists is that the 
questions of maintenance and compatibility with MAINSAIL are 
some of the main items to be discussed.  

With respect to maintenance, an orderly 
system of "bug" reports and a distribution system for "fixes" 
has been suggested which would be supported by the 
interested sites via some type of a funding pool.  At this 
point one of the primary issues to be resolved, if 
at all possible, is who would be responsible for this work.  

If you are interested in such a meeting or have any ideas to 
contribute please (be brief) contact me.  Such a meeting, 
if one were to be held, will take place on July 29,1976 (and 
possibly July 30, 1976 if necessary) at the University of Rochester 
in Rochester, New York.  
Any additional topics that you would like 
to see discussed should also be included.  

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1.  General Maintenance of SAIL on a Contractual Basis 
    a.  Commitment of sites 
        i.  Manpower 
        ii. Dollars 
    b.  Mechanism for error reports and distribution of updates 
    c.  SAIL center institution 

    a.  Machines 
    b.  Maintenance 
    c.  Compatibility with SAIL - macros, processes, etc.  
    d.  Future plans 
    e.  Features 

3.  Large Associative Stores - 18 bit items 

4.  Interactive Debugging - BAIL 

5.  Documentation 
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Hanan Samet 


CMU - Erman 

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NIH - Herman Vreenegoor, Lipkin, Ricart, Knott, Shapiro (Bruce) 
Utah - ?
Stanford AI - Russ Taylor, John Reiser, Les Earnest 
Stanford SUMEX - Wilcox, Rindfleisch 
Stanford IMSSS - Smith 
Rochester - Feldman, Low, Rovner 
USC - Nevatia 
SRI - Agin 
FJC - Buchanan, Fennell 
Cornell - Knobil 
Xerox - Sproull, Swinehart 
Maryland - Samet 
Caltech - Udupa ? 
Rapidata - Kubilus 
BBN - ?