perm filename ROGER[NET,GUE] blob sn#026499 filedate 1973-02-27 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00100	Hi Rog --
00200	Nice to get your letter.  Excuse me for saying I was grossed out
00300	with disbelief when it came in the mail.
00400	Does Maureen have money for coming here  John thinks the E.E.
00500	dept. members will be happy to see her (less than 5 % females
00600	in the dept., he says).
00700	For listing files:  TY <file> should work, otherwise 
00800		COPY <your file>←<file>     then   ED <your file>
00900		and then (replying to the *) p    should do it.
01000		(you can also use TECO to edit your file, of course, but
01100		I don't know how it interplays with the COPY routine --
01200		but you can also use DEC's own copying routine, too)
01300	Example:   TY CHESS.AKC[UP,DOC]   types the documentation for the
01400	         chess program.   To get your own copy,
01500		 COPY ROGER←CHESS.AKC[UP,DOC] then edit the file if desired.
01600	R PARRY to get the paranoid.
01700	R DCHESS   (not CHESS as it might say in the documentation) to play
01800		chess.  Documentation in CHESS.AKC[UP,DOC].
01900	R INFO   to play with an information retrieval system about SAIL.
02000	List PRUNE.DAT[1,3] to find all routines runnable with a R command,
02100		along with explanations.  (Note:  when it talks about III,
02200		that's a display processor here and those routines won't 
02300		work on the NET line.  Too bad.)
02400		Documentation for most routines mentioned is under [UP,DOC] .
02500	The documentation for the SOS editor is in SOS.LES[S,DOC].
02600	Various commands for SOS:
02700		p1000   means print line 1000
02800		p/2     means print page 2
02900		a100/2  means edit line 100, page 2
03000		e	means exit
03100		eJUNK	means exit and save in JUNK instead of the file you 
03200			opened
03300		(Fooey on this.  Read the documentation if you want to.)
03400	R BLACKJ   for a blackjack prog which keeps track of w/l.
03500	R CHECKE   for checkers.
03550	R APE  	for the Associated Press files editor.
03600	Can't think of anything else.  Once you know how to read files,
03700	you can find it all out for yourself anyway.
03800	You may have heard that 500 yds of rte 1 is washed out.  Also,
03900	earlier this winter, rte 140 (remember the road leading out of 
04000	Yosemite∞ was landslided away.  Good riddance.
04100	John suggests you pay his way to Utah.
04200	Is Data Logic still going to get a 10
04300	Good luck with this system.  Don't work too hard.  Say hi to all.
04400					Mike