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Name:		Victor D. Scheinman

Home Address:	3689 South Court
		Palo Alto, Calif. 94306

Work Address:	Unimation Inc.
		West Coast Division
		Mountain View, Ca. 94041

Birthdate:   	December 28, 1942 

Birthplace:	Augusta, Ga.; U.S.A.

Citizenship:	United States of America

Education:  	1963	B.S.	Mass. Inst. of Tech.	Aeronautics and Astronautics
		1965	M.S.	Stanford University	Mechanical Engineering
		1967   Dpl.Eng. Von Karman Institute	Fluid Mechanics
		1969	Engr.	Stanford University	Mechanical Engineering

Awards:		1963	M.I.T.	Luis DeFlorez Award
		1966	NATO	VonKarman Institute- NATO Fellowship
		1967  Stanford	Devol Research Co Fellowship

Experience:	1963	Engr. 	Boeing Aircraft Co.	
		1965	Engr. 	Douglas Aircraft Co.
		1969	Engr.	Stanford University
		1970	Engr. 	Raychem Corporation
		1971	Engr. 	Stanford University
		1972	Engr.	Mass. Inst. of Technology
		1973	Pres.	Vicarm, Inc.
		1977 	Mgr.	Unimation Inc. 

I founded Vicarm, Inc,. in 1973  to manufacture and market small  computer
controlled manipulators for industrial and research applications.  Our two
products are the Model Stanford manipulator system originally developed at
Stanford University, and the Model M.I.T. manipulator system developed  in
1972 at M.I.T.  Other sensory accessories are also offered.  In Jan. 1977,
Vicarm was acquired by Unimation Inc. I am now General Manager of the West
Coast Division of Unimation. Responsibilities of this division (located in
Mountain View, Ca.) include advanced robotics research and development.

Publications:	"Design of a Computer Controlled Manipulator"-1967-
		Stanford University-Engr. Deg. Thesis.

		"Computer Manipulator Control, Visual Feedback & Related Problems"
		with A. Gill and R. Paul.  1973.