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                        USEFUL REFERENCES 

                          compiled by
                        Victor Scheinman

1)      New  Techniques  for Terminal  Phase  Control  of Manipulator
        Motion by A.K. Bejczy  and A.R. Johnston- Report  No. 760-98.
        Feb.  1, 1974.   Jet Propulsion  Laboratory, Calif.  Inst. of
        Technology, Pasadena, Calif.

2)      Robot  Arm  Dynamics  and  Control   by  A.K.   Bejczy,   JPL
        Technical  Memorandum  33-669,   Jet  Propulsion  Laboratory,
        Pasadena Calif.

3)      Modelling, Trajectory Calculation and Servoing of  a Computer
        Controlled   Arm,  by   Richard  Paul-   Stanford  Artificial
        Intelligence Laboratory Memo  AIM-177.   Stanford University,
        Stanford, Calif.   November 1972

4)      The  Use  of  Sensory  Feedback  in  a  Programmable Assembly
        System,  by  Robert   Bolles  and  Richard   Paul.   Stanford
        Artificial Intelligence Lab.  Memo  AIM-220.

5)      The  Kinematics of  Manipulators Under  Computer  Control, by
        D.L.  Pieper.   Stanford  Artificial  Intelligence Laboratory
        Memo No. 72, October 1968.

6)      A  Mechanical  Arm  Control  System   by  Richard  C. Waters.
        Massachusetts Institute of Technology, A.I. Laboratory.  Memo
        No. 301, Januray 1974.

7)      Manipulation   Based   on   Sensor-Directed   Control:     An
        Integrated End  Effector and Touch  Sensing System.   by J.W.
        Hill and A.J. Sword Stanford Research Institute,  Menlo Park,
        Calif 94025.

8)      Exploratory  Research  in Industrial  Modular  Assembly.   by
        J.L.  Nevins et al.   Report  No.   R-800,  March   1974, The
        Charles   Strak  Draper  Laboratory,  Inc.  Cambridge,  Mass.