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I've been thinking about records, as you mentioned them....
what I have in mind is similar to the stuff I did before: viz.

declaration:      RECORD( recordname  ( record pattern ))

for example,     RECORD(FOO (FIE FUM . FIG]

      to retrieve a field, one can say  X:FIE (CLISP)
      this will DWIMIFY to (FIE X) .... the RECORD declaration
      will /MOVD (CAR FIE) so that won't cost .... also
      put MACRO property on FIE so that it will compile

      to create a record:
         (FOO  FIE = expression
               FUM = expression
               FUG = expression)
    this will translate to the appropriate CONS/LIST thing, but
      will remain invisible so that DWIMIFY+CLISPIFY will
      get back the same thing.

  also valid are: 
      (FOO FROM expression
         FIE = expression)
    which will take every field except the FIE field from the 
    first expression....

       X:FIE←expression ... might DWIMIFY to
       (RPLAC.FIE X expression) with the RPLAC.FIE defined & macro'd

Both record names and field names must be unique (i.e., can't
be same as any function name.  Record names, when declared, go on
CHANGEDFNSLST & the FILEPKG will need a (RECORD) prettymacro.

Additional possibility:  identifiable records.

declare:     !RECORD( FOO (FIE FUUM . FIE))

  secretly inserts an ID field in front which will contain the atom FOO.
Will also define & macro a function FOO? = (EQ (CAR x) (QUOTE FOO]


1) setting DWIMIFY to
     recognize  x:field,  x:field←...
        (even when field is misspelled)

    recognize (record [FROM expression] ...), with
  spelling correction on field names, = packed in or missing,
   and spelling correction on record name

2) setting CLISPIFY to
   recognize (fieldname expression)
      or     (RPLAC.fieldname expression)

3) file package stuff for remembering and saving record definitions..

4) Fixing prettyprint to recognize (record ....) etc (because there
might not be an = between fields)