perm filename PRUNE.DAT[S,AIL]1 blob sn#000816 filedate 1972-09-24 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
ARRAY 	      	SAIL  	Array Execs-x
BUGS  	      	DOC   	LIST OF BUG FIXES (SINCE 9-22-72)
CALLIS	      	SALRUN	Calli Index Definitions-x
COMSER	      	SAIL  	Compiler-Runtime Interface Routines-x
CORDMP	      	UTIL  	DDT Print Routine for Symbolic Dump
DB    	      	SALPAR	Makes FTDEBUG Compiler-x
DECMAN	      	DOC   	DECUS changes to SAIL manual
EXPRS 	      	SAIL  	Sail Expression Execs-x
FILSPC	      	SRPAR 	Compiler and Runtime File Names, Params, etc.-x
FOO2  	      	BOOT  	Runtime Names File →→ RTRAN-x
GEN   	      	SAIL  	Declaration, Allocation, Other Execs-x
GLB   	      	RUNPAR	Requests Global Model
GOGOL 	      	RUN   	Runtime Environment, Utility Routines-x
GRUMP 	      	UTIL  	Binary File Dump Program
GSGMNT	      	RUNCMD	Global Model Command File
HEAD  	      	SALRUN	Sail Macro, Symbolic Constants File-x
HEL   	      	BOOT  	Sail Language Productions → PTRAN-x
IOSER 	      	RUN   	IO-Runtimes-x
IT    	      	SALCMD	Non-Debugging SAIL Command File-x
LEAP  	      	SAIL  	Leap Feature Execs-x
LEPRUN	      	RUN   	Leap Feature Runtimes-x
LOW   	      	RUNPAR	Requests Lower Segment (SAILOW) Assembly-x
MESPRO	      	RUN   	Message Procedure Runtimes
NEWMAN	      	DOC   	My Part of NEW SAIL Manual
NWORLD	      	RUN   	Process-Control Runtimes
ORDER 	      	RUNPAR	Describes SAIL Library, Order of Construction-x
PARSE 	      	SAIL  	SAIL Parser-x
PROCSS	      	SAIL  	Process Control Execs-x
PROD  	      	SAIL  	PTRAN Output -- Parse Tables-x
RESTAB	      	SAIL  	RTRAN Output -- Built-In Symbol Table-x
RUN   	      	RUNCMD	Runtime Routines Command File-x
SAIL  	      	SAIL  	SAIL Main Control, Command Scan-x
SGMNT 	      	RUNCMD	Segment Command File-x
SPACES	      	UTIL  	Routine to Print Current Stack, etc., Allocations
STATS 	      	SAIL  	Statement Execs-x
STRSER	      	RUN   	String Runtimes-x
SYM   	      	SAIL  	SAIL Scanner, Input, Listing, Symtab-x
TAILOR	      	RUNPAR	Home for FILSPC Parameters-x
TELLEM	      	DOC   	Sailmaker's Guide, for Export-x
THAT  	      	SALCMD	Debugging SAIL Command File-x
TOTAL 	      	SAIL  	Low-Level Code Generators-x
UP    	      	RUNPAR	Upper Segment Parameter, Initialization File-x
WRDGET	      	RUN   	I'm not exactly sure-x
DGRUMP	DMP   	UTIL  	Binary File Lister
DMPCOM	DMP   	UTIL  	Binary File Comparer
OSAILD	DMP   	SAIL  	Old (V15) Debugging Version of OSAIL.  Keep.
PSEG  	DMP   	UTIL  	Patch Sail Segments
PTRAN 	DMP   	UTIL  	Production Compiler
RTRAN 	DMP   	UTIL  	Symbol Table Compiler
SAILDD	DMP   	SAIL  	Current SAIL, Debugging (if all goes well)
SCISS 	DMP   	UTIL  	Library Maker
EXAM  	FAI   	UTIL  	Checks for Line Number, TV Direct
COPY  	MAC   	UTIL  	MTA Copy Program, for Quick SAIL System Duplication-x
CREF  	MAC   	UTIL  	Block-Structured Cref-x
GETSAV	MAC   	UTIL  	MTA Export Bootstrap Program-x
SAIL  	OPR   	DOC   	SAIL Implementation Guide (local)
DUMPED	PRO   	DOC   	Some Record of Old Files
PROD  	QQQ   	BOOT  	Reserved Word Information → RTRAN-x
CORDMP	REL   	UTIL  	Use with DDT for Hard-Copy Symbolic Dump
PROFIL	RES   	UTIL  	Profile Lister-x
DATALI	SAI   	UTIL  	Documentation Extractor-x
DMPCOM	SAI   	UTIL  	Binary File Comparer
EXTRAC	SAI   	UTIL  	Documentation Extractor Preprocessor-x
IFN   	SAI   	UTIL  	Export System Creator
MAKTAB	SAI   	UTIL  	Opcode Table (1OPS1) Maker-x
PROFIL	SAI   	UTIL  	Old Profile Program?
PSEG  	SAI   	UTIL  	Patch Sail Upper Segments
PTRAN 	SAI   	UTIL  	Production Compiler-x
RTRAN 	SAI   	UTIL  	Symbol Table Compiler-x
SCISS 	SAI   	UTIL  	Library Maker-x
TEST  	SAI   	TEST  	SAIL System Auto-Test Program-x
WNTSLS	SAI   	UTLPAR	Parameterizes Ptran, Rtran-x
XREF  	SAI   	UTIL  	Production Cross-Reference Program-x
DOCS  	UPD   	DOC   	Brief Descriptions of Recent Changes