perm filename PRUNE.DAT[3,2]25 blob sn#510050 filedate 1980-05-18 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
370                     How to transfer files to/from SCIP's IBM 370.
6500    LNK     ROB     Info on 6500 cross assembler program (same as HELP MICROS)
6800    LNK     ROB     Info on 6800 cross assembler program (same as HELP MICROS)
8080    LNK     ROB     Info on 8080 cross assembler program (same as HELP MICROS)
ACCESS          MRC     Command to gain owner access to another area (need password).
AL                      ALGOL-like language for programming the robot arms.
ALIAS                   Command to change default directory used for disk files.
ARM                     Pointers to programs for manipulating the arm(s).
ARPA    LNK             Documentation for using the ARPAnet (same as HELP NETWRK).
ARPANE  LNK             Documentation for using the ARPAnet (same as HELP NETWRK).
ASSIGN                  Command to acquire use of non-sharable device.
ATSIGN                  Program for generating cross-references and listings.
ATTACH                  Command to attach terminal to a detached job.
BAIL                    SAIL debugger.
BATCH                   Command to set up sequence of commands to be done later.
BBOARD  TXT             File for latest gossip, polls, jokes, etc.
BIBOP                   Dialect of MACLISP.
BINCOM                  Program to compare binary files.
BLOOD                   Information about SAIL blood donor program.
BOOK                    Command to read on-line books using the E editor.
CANCEL                  Command to delete reminder requests.
CKMAIL          MRC     Command to check for new mail or news service notifications.
COLIST          REG     Program to produce columnar listings.
COMBIN          DON     Program to combine two fonts.
COMPIL                  Command to compile programs.
COPY                    Program to copy files, list directories, etc.
CRDIR           MRC     Program for looking/tweaking directory parameters.
CRE                     Contour-Region-Edge program to process TV pictures.
CREF                    Program to produce cross-reference listings from compilations.
CRYPT           HPM     Program for encrypting/decrypting sensitive files.
D                       Program to go with SUDS (see HELP SUDS).
DART                    Program to dump and restore disk files on magnetic tape.
DDFONT          DON     Display XGP font on Data Disk terminal.
DDKEY   DPY             *** Prints Data Disc escape commands on the XGP.
DFTP            MRC     Program for communicating with the datacomputer.
DIAL            ROB     A quick guide to the most common DIAL commands.
DIALNE          MRC     A data-communications protocol for file transfer and mail.
DIR                     Command to list file directories.
DIRED           DON     Program for editing directories (see HELP DRD).
DISPLA                  Information on the use of display terminals.
DM                      How to use DataMedias at SAIL.
DMKEY   DPY             *** Prints Datamedia escape commands on the XGP.
DO                      Program to execute commands from a file.
DOC                     Where to look for documentation files.
DRAW                    Lists sources of logic drawing system information.
DRD     LNK     DON     Command for editing directories (deleting files, etc.).
DSKSIZ          JBR     Program to tell user his disk allocation and usage.
E               ME      Fast in-place random-access display text editor.
EDITOR                  List of available editors.
ESCAPE          ME      Keyboard commands using ESCAPE/BREAK keys.
ETEACH  DD              *** Runs E text editor, editing a copy of teaching file for III/DDs.
ETEACH  DM              *** Runs E text editor, editing a copy of teach file for DMs.
ETV     LNK     ME      Fast display text editor (same as HELP E).
EVENT                   Command to notify everyone of coming events.
EXT                     List of standard extensions for disk file names.
FAIL                    PDP-10 machine language assembler.
FASBOL          MJC     Dialect of Snobol4.
FCOPY                   Program to convert between font file formats.
FELT    LNK     BPM     Info on the SU-TIP, nicknamed FELT-TIP (same as HELP TIP).
FILES                   Basic information on disk file naming and manipulation.
FIND                    Program to locate a text string in a file.
FINGER          LES     Program to see names and locations of logged-in users.
FOL                     Program for working with first-order logic.
FONT    LNS             List of programs available for creating/manipulating fonts.
FTP             MRC     Program to transfer files over ARPA network.
GEOMED                  Geometric editor to manipulate picture files.
GRIPE                   Command to complain about system problems.
GRUMP                   Program to disassemble REL (object-binary) files.
GUEST                   What you can do without logging in.
HELP                    Tells how to use HELP program and suggests basic HELPers.
HELPER  DMP             Produces this list of summaries.
HOST            MRC     Command to get info on ARPA host names and numbers.
HOWBIG          ROB     HOWBIG is a record? HOWBIG is a block? Info on disk and tape sizes.
IIIKEY  DPY             *** Prints III escape commands on the XGP.
IIIPOX          MLB     Program for converting III pictures to POX sources.
ILISP           UC IRV  UC Irvine LISP (program name is IL).
KJOB    LNK             Command to log out of system (same as HELP LOGOUT).
KRL             PAM     nano-KRL (Knowledge Representation Lang), running in MacLisp.
L                       Program to go with SUDS (see HELP SUDS).
LATER                   Command to request that a program be run later.
LAWS            DON     Interdisciplinary laws (Murphy, Peter, Parkinson, etc.).
LINGO           DON     Artificial Intelligence (and other CS) lexicon.
LINK                    Linking loader.
LINK10  LNK             Linking loader (same as HELP LINK).
LISP                    Pointers to documentation of various LISP dialects.
LIST                    Commands to list files on line printer.
LOADAV          RP      Program for making histograms of load average.
LOGIN                   Command to log into system.
LOGOUT                  Program to log out of system (same as HELP KJOB).
MACLSP          RPG     MIT LISP dialect MACLISP.
MAIL                    Command to mail messages to other users.
MAP                     Program for changing DataDisc mappings.
MICROS          ROB     Info on the MIcroprocessor CROSs Assembler program
MIDAS                   MIT assembly language.
MLISP           DAV     Meta-notation for more readable LISP programs.
MLISP2          DAV     Language using LISP and MLISP.
MONCOM  DMP             Lists names of all monitor commands.
MUSIC                   Pointers to music compilers, etc.
NCOMPL          RPG     MACLISP Fast Number Compiler.
NET     LNK     MRC     Documentation for using the ARPAnet (same as HELP NETWRK).
NETDOC          EVERYT  Everything you always wanted to know about the ARPAnet.
NETWRK          MRC     Documentation for programming using the ARPAnet.
NEWIO           RPG     MACLISP with fancy i/o capabilities.
NEWS                    Program to search system-changes log file by topic/person.
OPTION          RP      Lists programs that look for entries in OPTION.TXT.
OTLSER          MRC     Warnings to people still using obsolete network protocol.
P                       Program to go with SUDS (see HELP SUDS).
PARRY                   Pathological-belief systems model.
PASCAL          COMPIL  Compilers for the PASCAL language.
PC                      Program to go with SUDS (see HELP SUDS).
PCP                     Program to go with SUDS (see HELP SUDS).
PIX             HPM     Program for using TV cameras (for pictures, fonts, etc.).
PK                      Program for spying on another terminal's i/o buffers.
PLAN                    Command to set up file for people who come looking for you.
POLL                    Program to find out who's listening to given audio channel.
POX             REM     Document compiler for Xerox Graphics Printer.
PPK                     Program for spying on another display.
PPSAV                   Program for saving a display screen's text in a file.
PRLISP          JP      Production rule system written in MACLISP.
PROVE           DCO     Interactive theorem prover / simplifier.
PRUNE                   Program to help keep track of your files.
PTYJOB          ROB     Useful program for 'trapping' output from some program.
RCV                     Old command for reading/editing your mail.
REMIND                  Command to enter a delayed message request.
RESOLV                  Resolution based theorem prover.
RETRY                   Command to retry sending mail to/from you.
REVED           KS      Program to design complex digital all-pass reverberators.
SAIL                    Dialect of ALGOL.
SAVE                    Program for writing to/from tape in a simple format.
SCHEME                  A lexically scoped, full-funarg dialect of LISP.
SD              COMMAN  Command to run SUPDUP display protocol (to ITS).
SEND                    Command to send a message to a logged-in user's terminal.
SIMPLE                  Simplifier for program manipulation/verification.
SLR1                    SLR1 parser generator.
SNAIL                   Program which processes several system commands.
SNOBOL          MJC     String processing language (see HELP FASBOL).
SORT            DON     Programs (SSORT and MSORT) to do string-sort on text file.
SOS                     Non-display-oriented text editor.
SOUP            TVR     CAM (Compare And Merge) and FED (File EDit using CAM output).
SPASM		RPG	Silly Procedure-based ASseMbler (GP cross assembler in LISP)
SPINDL          REM     Program to combine several small files into one large one.
SPOOL                   Command to list files on the line printer.
SRCCHK          REM     REM's flaming variant on SRCCOM.
SRCCOM                  Program to compare text files.
STICKY                  How to deal with a sticky Stanford keyboard.
SUTIP   LNK     BPM     Information on the SU-TIP (same as HELP TIP).
SYMBOL  LNK     ROB     Info on the micro-cross-assembler (same as HELP MICROS).
SYSTEM                  Pointers to basic system documentation.
TALK                    Command to communicate with other users.
TECO                    Stevens Tech version of TECO text editor.
TELNET          MRC     Command for communicating with other network sites.
TEX             DEK     Document compiler for XGP.
TIP             BPM     Information on the SU-TIP.
TTY                     How to use the system from non-display terminals.
TTYCMD                  Info on TTY command for setting terminal parameters.
TTYESC                  Info on special input sequences for use on non-displays.
TTYSET                  Program for finding out state of terminal parameters.
TVFONT                  Program to create a font from TV images (see also HELP PIX).
TYPE                    Command to list a file at your terminal.
TYPREL  LNK             Program to disassemble REL files (same as HELP GRUMP).
UDPUFD  LNK             Command for creating/deleting directories on user disks.
UFD                     Command for creating/deleting directories.
UNDELE                  Command to try to "undelete" a recently-deleted file.
VERIFY                  Interactive verifier for PASCAL programs.
WHEN            DON     Command to find out when someone last logged out.
WHERE                   Program to list logged-in jobs of a particular user.
WHO                     Program to display system status.
WHOLIN                  Information about "who line" on Stanford display terminals.
WL                      Program to go with SUDS (see HELP SUDS).
XGP                     Commands and programs used with Xerox Graphics Printer.
XGPSYN          HPM     Program to display XGP files on DataDiscs.
XGPTYP                  Program to "disassemble" XGP files.
XIP                     Old program for shipping stuff to XGP.
XPART           DON     Command for partial font-loading or page-selection of XGP files.
XSPOOL  LNK             Command to list files on the Xerox Graphics Printer.
YUMMY   LNK             Directory of local and international restaurants.
YUMYUM                  Directory of local and international restaurants.
Z80     LNK     ROB     Info on Z80 cross assembler program (same as HELP MICROS)
ZERO                    Command to initialize disk or DECtape directory.