perm filename PRUNE.DAT[3,2]2 blob sn#105562 filedate 1974-06-07 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
ALIAS 	      	      	Command to change default directory used for disk files
ARPA  	      	      	Basic information for users from other ARPA network sites
ASSIGN	      	      	Command to acquire use of non-sharable device
ATTACH	      	      	Command to attach terminal to a detached job
BINCOM	      	      	Program to compare binary files
CANCEL	      	      	Command to delete reminder requests
COMPIL	      	      	Command to compile programs
COPY  	      	      	Program to copy files, list directories, etc.
CRE   	      	      	Contour-Region-Edge program to process TV pictures
CREF  	      	      	Program to produce cross-reference listings from compilations
DART  	      	      	Program to dump and restore disk files on magnetic tape
DDKEY 	DPY   	      	*** Prints Data Disc escape commands on the XGP
DIR   	      	      	Command to list file directories
DISPLA	      	      	Information on the use of display terminals
DO    	      	      	Program to execute commands from a file
ETEACH	DPY   	      	*** Runs E text editor, editing a special teaching file
EXT   	      	      	Lists standard extensions for disk file names
FAIL  	      	      	PDP-10 machine language assembler
FASBOL	      	      	Dialect of Snobol4
FCOPY 	      	      	Program to convert between font file formats
FILES 	      	      	Basic information on disk file naming and manipulation
FIND  	      	      	Program to locate a text string in a file
FINGER	      	      	Program to see names and locations of logged-in users
FREEFO	      	      	Program to run off form letters
FTP   	      	      	Program to transfer files over ARPA network
GEOMED	      	      	Geometric editor to manipulate picture files
GRIPE 	      	      	Command to complain about system problems
HELP  	      	      	Tells how to use HELP program and suggests basic HELPers
HOST  	      	      	Program for info on ARPA host names and numbers
IIIKEY	DPY   	      	*** Prints III escape commands on the XGP
KJOB  	      	      	Command to log out of system (same as HELP LOGOUT)
LINK  	      	      	How to communicate with other users (same as TALK)
LISP  	      	      	Pointers to documentation of various LISP dialects
LIST  	      	      	Commands to list files on line printer
LOGIN 	      	      	Command to log into system
LOGOUT	      	      	Program to log out of system (same as HELP KJOB)
MAIL  	      	      	Command to mail messages to other users
MONCOM	DMP   	      	Lists names of all monitor commands
POX   	      	      	Program to prepare text for Xerox Graphics Printer output
PRUNE 	      	      	Program to help keep track of your files
RCV   	      	      	Program to read and edit your mail
READ  	      	      	Command to read a book file
REMIND	      	      	Command to enter a delayed message request
SAIL  	      	      	Dialect of ALGOL
SEND  	      	      	Command to send a message to a logged-in user's terminal
SNOBOL	      	      	String processing language--see FASBOL
SPOOL 	      	      	Command to list files on the line printer
SRCCOM	      	      	Program to compare text files
SYSTEM	      	      	Pointers to basic system documentation
TALK  	      	      	Command to communicate with other users
TTY   	      	      	How to use the system from non-display terminals
TVED  	      	      	Display editor
TVFONT	      	      	Program to create a font from TV images
TYPE  	      	      	Command to list a file at your terminal
WHERE 	      	      	Program to list loged-in jobs of a particular user
WHO   	      	      	Program to display system status
WHOLIN	      	      	Information about "who line" on Stanford display terminals
ZERO  	      	      	Program to initialize disk or DECtape directory