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	To meet the specifications of item no. 0001AA of solicitation
No.N00173-75-R-I101, VICARM proposes to deliver a standard version of
our  model  "M.I.T."  six  degree  of  freedom   computer  controlled
manipulator.  A specification sheet  for this standard manipulator is
enclosed as Attachment 1.  

	To meet  the specifications of  item no.  0001AB of the  same
solicitation,  VICARM proposes to deliver  its planned standard logic
unit for the model M.I.T.  manipulator. A block diagram of this  unit
is submitted as Attachment 2. 

 Section one (1) which  follows details the general properties of our
model M.I.T.  manipulator.   Section two (2)  details our M.I.T.  arm
logic unit and its components. 

Section 1             M.I.T. Manipulator

	    The  Model M.I.T.   manipulator is an all  electric motor
powered mechanical arm type of manipulator designed specificallly for
computer controlled applications.  This device is characterized  by 6
independent revolute joints all powered by individual electric torque
motors  with potentiometer position feedback  elements on all joints.
Tachometer feedback  is provided  on five  of  the six  joints.   The
maximum load  capacity is 1.4 kg,  and the manipulator  accuracy is 3
mm. when using pre-planned  motions with potentiometer  interpolation
tables.  Resolution  and repeatability is  1.5 mm when  operating the
manipulator in a "lead through to teach" mode.  The manipulator comes
equipped with our standard parallel jaw type hand which has a maximum
opening of 5 cm.  This hand is easily removable should other hands be
desired  at a future date.   Extra instrumentation wires are provided
at  the  hand   for  accessories  or  experimental   terminal  device
instrumentation.  No other hand instrumentation is supplied.  
	The standard  Model M.I.T.   arm comes equipped  with a power
supply and  power  amplifiers  for  each  joint  (a  total  of  seven
amplifiers- one for each joint plus the hand).   A manual control box
is also supplied which allows for remote manual control of individual
joints, plus selection of manual or computer mode.  An emergency stop
button is also  located on this separate hand held  control unit. The
power-control  unit is supplied  with a connector  to enable computer
interfacing.  This unit operates on 115vac.-3 amps. 

Section 2            M.I.T. Manipulator Logic Unit

      The Model M.I.T. Electric Arm Logic Unit consists of a complete
stand  alone  computer and  computer  interface  system.   The  basic
components of this logic unit are the microprocessor, the memory, the
input/output interfaces, the data conversion unit, the hardware servo
and the software.  All are included in the logic unit. 

	The  microprocessor is a Digital  Equipment Corporation model
LSI-11 processor with the extended instruction set and floating point
instruction set options.   This processor is mounted in  its own case
with  a  separate  power  supply.   Provision  for  power  failure is
provided by a standby battery supply.  The processor  board has 4k of
16 bit MOS memory on it.   An additional 8k of MOS memory is included
to give a total of 12k of memory.  This is sufficient to allow  basic
trajectories to be stored  and executed.  Provision for up  to 32k of
memory has been made.  

	To  allow  this system  to  be operated  in  conjunction with
either a  local  PDP-11  series  computer or  a  remote  PDP-10  type
computer,  a serial  data interface  is provided.   The  customer can
either  hook  up his  own  modem to  a  remote computer,  or  else go
directly to  a similar  type serial  interface on  a resident  PDP-11
series computer.   By this means, communication  with other computers
at rates  of up  to 9600  baud is  possible.   A second  serial  data
interface is provided  to allow the  customer to attach his  own data
terminal.     As  these  serial  data   interfaces  are  EIA-  RS232C
compatible, any of a  large variety of terminals  may be used.   This
terminal  may  be  used  for inputting  data  to  the  microprocessor
directly,  or for data input to a  remote computer, or for control of
the arm, etc.  The multi-function capability is  provided by software
in the microprocessor. 

	The manipulator is interfaced to the microprocessor through a
parallel data interface.  This  parallel data interface is  connected
directly to  the computer buss  on one side  and the  data conversion
unit on the  the other side. The parallel data interface provides for
16 bit words of data input to and output from the arm unit.  

	The data conversion unit consists of eight 12 bit  digital to
analog converters (DACs) for outputting position, current or velocity
commands  to the arm. Seven DACs are used  for the arm joints and the
hand.  One DAC is a spare, for accessory drive, etc.  Eight brake bit
signals  are  provided  for control  of  the  5   arm brakes  plus  3
accessory bits.  The  arm position and  velocity information is  read
into the computer through a  32 channel 12 bit A/D.   The 32 channels
are  individually  selectable  on  a  random  basis.   Provision  for
auto-increment mode  of reading the  A/D is  also provided.   The  32
channels provide for up to 18 extra channels of data.  These channels
are  intended  to be  used  with  accessory force  balances  or touch
sensors, etc.  The data conversion unit also has arm protection logic
in the case of computer failure. 

	The arm is  servoed by the hardware servo  system.  This unit
takes the data  from the  DACs and servos  the arm  to the  commanded
joint positions.   The hardware servo  system consists of  7 separate
servo   systems  featuring  position  and   velocity  feedback,  with
integration to  minimize steady  state error.   Some  extra logic  is
provided in this unit to keep track of the manipulator status.  Motor
overtemperature  conditions are sensed and compensated for, excessive
terminal error is  noted and  indicated to the  computer, etc.   This
status  information is  fed  back to  the  processor as  part of  the
manipulator control plan.  

	In addition to all of the above, some software is provided as
part of  the Logic Unit.   The software  is entirely resident  in the
microprocessor  and its  memory.   It  includes a  simple  editor for
setting up and modifiying arm motions.  The arm can be  programmed in
either teach mode (in which the arm  is led through a task and points
are  recorded), or through planned program  mode( in which points are
calculated in  advance and entered  through a  data terminal or  from
another  computer).    Coordinate  transforms  are  provided  by  the
software allowing data entry in cartesian coordinate form.  A  simple
straight line  motion program  is also  included for  moving the  arm
terminal device along  straight lines.  Software is also provided for
startup and shutdown  of the manipulator, and  for allowing the  data
terminal  (terminal not  provided)  to be  used  to communicate  with
separate  computers or other  devices connected to the  logic unit by
the first serial data unit mentioned above.  No  software is provided
for the actual communication with other computers. 

	As  part  of   this  proposal,  VICARM  proposes   to  supply
sufficient  installation and  operating information  so that  on site
implementation of the manipulator  system can be accomplished by  the
customer.   Maintainance  information and  detailed  manipulator  and
system drawings  will be provided to enable most routine maintainance
and repairs to be accomplished by the customer on site.  

	A parts list giving reference numbers for  all assemblies and
components (if  available separately) will  be sent with  each of the
separate items.    As  the  manipulator  system  is  manufactured  of
interchangeable parts, replacement parts are available from VICARM. 

	Customer will be placed on VICARM's mailing  list and will be
sent  data  on  announced furthur  developments  and  improvements by
VICARM and by other customers of VICARM.  VICARM will supply customer
with names and addresses of other customers who are using the M.I.T. 
Manipulator  system so  that free exchange  of information  may be of
mutual benefit. 

	VICARM will provide a 30 day warranty on all items delivered,
provided they are returned to VICARM for repair or replacement.  This
warranty covers all normal use of  the manipulator system.  As it  is
impossible to protect  the manipulator from every  possible source of
failure,    the   warranty   is   limited    to   failures   due   to
design,construction or occurring during normal operation.  

	As Items 0001AA and 0001AB will be delivered  at two separate
dates,  VICARM will  extend warranty  coverage of  item 0001AA  for a
period of 30 days after delivery of item 0001AB provided item  0001AA
is returned  to  VICARM for  inspection and  checkout  just prior  to
delivery of item  0001AB.  Any repairs required at this time, and not
falling under any warranty, will be chargable at cost.