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Prolog is currently in an experimental state.  To try it, type

	.r prolog

Nothing is guaranteed.  Differences between this and standard Prolog are:

1. The normal WAITS end-of-file (CTRL-META-LF on displays; ↑Z on non-displays)
   is used wherever standard Prolog expects ↑Z typed in.

2. ESC I is used as an interrupt instead of ↑C.  You may have to type a
   <return> after the ESC I, if Prolog is waiting for you to type something
   at the time you interrupt it.

3. The underscore character for Prolog should be the Ascii underscore (←) and
   not the SAIL underscore (_).

4. Prolog's stack is fixed in size (unlike versions that run on systems with
   virtual memory), but you can change it at the time you start the program by

	.r prolog n

   where "n" is the total number of pages of core that you want to give the
   program.  Experiment until you find a value that works.

5. E directories in input files are ignored.

Please report any bugs you find to JJW.

The file PROLOG.JJW[UP,DOC] contains a copy of the September 1978 version of
the Prolog user's guide.