perm filename PPSAV[3,2] blob sn#551417 filedate 1980-12-15 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002	The PPSAV program can be used to save the text in the page printer of a
C00004 ENDMK
The PPSAV program can be used to save the text in the page printer of a
WAITS display terminal (Data Disc, III, or Datamedia-type).  The saved text
is not necessarily what's on the screen, but is the text on piece of paper
zero--what you see when not running a special display program.  The monitor
command "R PPSAV" will save the text from your own terminal as the file
PPSAV.TMP on your current alias; to save the text on another terminal's
piece of paper zero, say "GET SYS PPSAV" and then give the monitor command
REENTER, and PPSAV will ask for a line number and save that terminal line's
page printer text.  If the line number is ended with an altmode instead of
carriage return, then the page printer text will be typed out on your
terminal immediately after being saved.  In any case, the text saved is
preceded in the file by a MAIL-like header line indicating the time and date
it was saved and the name of the user saving it.  The default file is
PPSAV.TMP on your alias area; to specify another file, type either:

.R PPSAV;filename<CR>

or (to be able to specify the line number of the terminal whose page
printer text is to be saved):