perm filename POX[3,2]8 blob sn#242682 filedate 1976-10-23 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
	POX is one of the myriad XGP formatting programs.  The
command "XSP POX.XGP[UP,DOC]/NOT" will produce hardcopy of the
writeup (appx.  30 pages).  The last page (see bulletin  board
near  machine  room)  is the table of contents.  Add 1 to page
numbers found there to get page  numbers  to  specify  to  the
spooler  if  you want a partial listing, for example pages 2-5
may be gotten by "XSP POX.XGP[UP,DOC](3:6)/NOT".
	For   some  explanatory  paragraphs  not  yet  in  the
writeup,  and  descriptions  of  recent  features,  use  "TYPE
POX.UPD[1,REM]" (this file is in TTY/LPT format).
	A very old POX writeup in TTY/LPT format is  the  only
other  documentation  available  to remote users. To see it on
your terminal, use "TYPE POX.REM[UP,DOC]".
	For  a  list  of  the  latest  versions  of the object
program (usually there is an experimental version  newer  than
POX.DMP[1,3]),  and  the very latest features and bugfixes not
yet reported in POX.UPD, use "TYPE POX.LOG[1,REM]".