perm filename PLNR[3,2] blob sn#052758 filedate 1973-07-07 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00100	The file PLNR.RPO[UP,DOC] is the original Micro Planner Reference and
00102	the file PLNR.BGB[S,DOC] is an alternate reference manual,  which  is
00104	available as Sailon-67 in the Sailon room, and subsumes the original.
00108	The  monitor-level  command  R  PLNR loads and starts a 22K LISP dump
00110	containing the files CONVRT.LAP and PLNR.LAP, and then evaluates  the
00112	PLNR  function  (THINIT).   See PLNR.DO[P,RPO] for information on the
00114	size (allocation) of the system PLNR dump and how to create your  own
00116	personal micro-planner dump.
00120	The  system dump of PLNR contains an alternate input function, UREAD,
00122	with the same  syntax  as  DISKIN,  but  which  gobbles  comments  as
00124	generated by TVED - i.e. of the form:  COMMENT <text of comment> ;
00128	The Micro Planner files are on disk area [P,RPO]. The resident expert
00130	is Richard Orban (RPO); an alternate expert is Bruce Baumgart (BGB).