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The PLAN command is used to create a file called <prg>.PLN[2,2]
which describes your whereabouts, office schedule, or whatever, to be
read by users who give the FINGER command to find you when you are
not logged in.  If you enter a null plan your plan file is deleted.
The plan applies to your login programmer name.

A plan must be given with an expiration date (even for a null plan!).  E.g.:
  PLAN 1-JAN Will be gone till New Years Day.
To cancel a planned expiration, use the CANCEL monitor command and
delete the reference to the program DELPLN.DMP[RMD,SYS]; this will
not delete the plan itself--it must be deleted separately.

The PLAN command runs the MAIL program, which is documented in the

To see your current plan, use the monitor command:
To delete it, use the monitor command: