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The PLAN command is used to create a file called <prg>.PLN[2,2]
which describes your whereabouts, office schedule, or whatever, to be
read by users who give the FINGER command to find you when you are
not logged in.  This command is like MAIL #∂.PLN except that the
message you give replaces the previous contents of the file instead
of being added to the file.  If you enter a null plan (PLAN <return>
<end-of-file>) your plan file is deleted.  The plan applies to your
login programmer name.

The /DATE switch can be used (and is recommended!) to set an
expiration date for your plan, for example:
  PLAN/DATE=1-JAN Will be gone till New Years Day.
The /DATE switch is the only switch allowed with the PLAN command.
To cancel a planned expiration, use the CANCEL monitor command and
delete the reference to the program DELPLN.DMP[RMD,SYS]; this will
not delete the plan itself--it must be deleted separately.

The PLAN command runs the MAIL program, which is documented in the

To see your current plan, use the monitor command:
To delete it, use the monitor command: