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Its doable, but is apt to be a fair pain if there are many
differences (especially wrt GOGOL, which has infinite switches
already); would be easier if you could come by here for a day
or two.  However, if not then perhaps can work something out.

Right now, the files on [X,AIL] are frozen, pending the initial
TENEX SAIL merger at the end of the month.  I would recommend:
(1) You ought to supply an ITS version of IOSER as a separate
file.  (2) for the rest add a switch, ITSSW, together with
macros ITS < ... > & NOITS < ... >.  Then you should take a set
of [X,AIL] files & modify them so that all the switches are 
in. (Now, you'll have to wait for the TENEX merger, I'm afraid,
since IMSSS is planning to merge into the current [X,AIL] files.
If you want to do your own merging twice, of course, feel free
to snarf them.)  Once this is done, ftp the files back to an
area at SU-AI & srccom them with the [x,ail] files. Then, 
someone here will either (1) take your changes & put them into
the [S,AIL] files or (2) put the [S,AIL] changes (from the 
current [X,AIL] files) & put them into your files.  In either
case, the updated file will be put onto both [S,AIL] & [X,AIL].

Perhaps the easiest thing (for working out details) would be for
you to call me on the phone -- I talk faster than I type --
The number here is 321-2300-x4971 & I'm usually in in the afternoon
& evening.  best times are 1pm-4pm & 8pm-2am, or thereabouts.