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C00002 00002	People, Degrees and Courses
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People, Degrees and Courses

Principal Advisor- Prof. Bernard Roth
Others on Committee
Prof. John McCarthy
Prof. Jerome Feldman
Prof. David Thompson (tent)

Proposed Title for Deg.   Ph. D. in Automation

Special field of investigatin-  Automated manufacturing systems

Tentative title of dissertation-  A totally automated system for the design and
manufacture of sheet metal parts.

Degrees Received:

	B.S. Aeronautics and Astronautics, Mass. Inst. of Tech. June 1963
	M.S. Mechanical Engineering,  Stanfird University, June 1965
	Diploma of Engineering-Fluid Dynamics, Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Rhode St. Genese,  Belgium- July 1967
	Engineer- Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, June 1969

Courses completed as a graduate student

Fluid Mechanics- Propulsion 

AA280B Rocket Propulsion 2Q
AA280C Rocket Propulsion 2Q
AA282 Nuclear Propulsion  3Q
AA281 Electric Propulsion 3Q

Fluid Mechanics

ME138A Fluid Flow 3Q
ME238A Continum Fluid Mech. 3Q
AA220 Aerodynamic Physical Measurements 3Q
Fluidics -VKI- 3Q
Low Speed Aerodynamics- VKI 3Q


ME231A Heat Transmission 3Q
ME231B Heat Transmission 3Q
ME233 Adv. Thermodynamics 2B

Systems Engineering

Engr. 235 Satellite Syst. Eng. 6Q
EE373 Adaptive Systems 3Q
ME291 Engineering Problems 6Q - Solar Energy Systems Studies under Dr. William Bollay


ME217A Analytical Design 3Q
ME 116 a,b,c- Product Design 9Q
ME112a,b- Product Design- 6Q
ART 155B Design Problems 3Q

Mechanics and Dynamics

ME222 Kinematic Synthesis
EM202A Elasticity 3Q
EM221N Dynamics 3Q
EM222N Dynamics 3Q

Control Systems

ME218A Control Systems 3Q
EE128 Control Systems 3Q
EE171H Control Systems Lab. 3Q
ME228 Fluidics 3Q
Control Systems- VKI- 3Q


EM 250 Mathematical Methods 3Q
EM 251 Mathematical Methods 3Q

Seminars during several quarters

Engineers Deg. Thesis title:  Design of a Computer Controlled Manipulator
Diploma Paper-VKI-" Pulsed and Oscillating Flow Thrust Augmenting Ejectors

Completed several other short courses, including Fortran and Algol Programming.
Engineering problem work with Profs. B. Roth, A. London,and R. McKim on
various subjects.

Proposed Course Program

One course in Industrial Engineering
One course in Advanced Programing

Statement of Purpose

This section is supposed to include my reasons for believing this program
cannot be successfully pursued as a regular departmental program.  and in what ways Stanfor faculty and resources are appropriate and adeque and my general rationale for undertaking the program.