perm filename PAM[3,2] blob sn#498341 filedate 1980-03-21 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
PAM is a visual PAttern Manipulating system based on the idea of LISP.

  Load a MacLISP core image with the PAM functions.  Then
    (handle) calls the manual manipulator handPAM.  The manipulator
    is basically an  Execute-Command or Read-Eval-Display  loop.

  For more information on how to use handPAM, contact Fred Lakin (FHL).
    Coming soon, hopefully, a diagrammar package for LISP trees and 
    other graphs.

  Once in handPAM, any atom which is a manipulator command is immediately
    executed; otherwise, if a form evaluates to a visual object, then the
    object is displayed on the screen (at the cursor unless DisAtCursloc = NIL!)
    Still otherwise any LISP sexpr resulting from evaluation is printed out on
    the left in LISP chars (ie. typing in regular LISP expressions is just 
    talking to eval).